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Jacks 'R' Better Greylock 3

photo: Jacks 'R' Better Greylock 3 under quilt


Price MSRP: $219.95
Reviewers Paid: $130.00-$205.00
Weight 16 oz / 0.45 kg
Length 52 in / 1.32 m
Width 42 in / 1.07 m
Loft 2.5 in / 6.4 cm
Temp Rating 20°-25° F / -7° C
Insulation 800 fill power goose down
Material 1.1 oz, 30 denier, ripstop nylon


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A high quality, 3/4-length, down UnderQuilt demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship. Exceeds similar products I have tested. The Greylock 3 supports my premise that America's cottage industry providers exceed most items that are mass-produced.


  • Very well made
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight (16 oz)
  • True to temperature rating


  • 3/4-length saves weight, but reduces coverage

Jacks 'R' Better (JRB) is a cottage industry manufacturer of hammocks and hammock products. Its reputation is well-known and, quite rightly, excellent. Having compared this product to the ENO Ember, JRB proves that many cottage industry companies provide better and lighter equipment.


I purchased my Greylock 3 used off of eBay. The seller did not care for a 3/4-length (i.e. torso-length) UnderQuilt and was selling this in order to upgrade to a full-length UQ. While I could not pass up the $130 price tag, I will agree I would prefer a full-length UQ. This one criticism of the Greylock 3 would be a con of any shorter UQ, and does not speak to the quality of the product itself. It does what it is designed to do.

I have owned this UQ since February 2013, and I have lost count of how many nights I have slept in it. I have used it in a wide range of temperatures. Tending to be a “cold sleeper,” I have only become uncomfortable at temperatures below 23°F, which is within the 20F-25°F comfort range established by the manufacturer.


A sub-freezing night in the Garden of the Gods Wilderness Area.

The Greylock 3 uses 1.1oz, 30 Denier, rip stop nylon with 800-fill down. For an additional fee, the UQ can be purchased overstuffed or with 800-fill Activ-dri down, which is suppose to deal better in damp conditions. I have not tested these options.

The UQ is baffled to keep the down in place. Construction and stitching is exceptional. It is surprising that something so light and seemingly delicate can provide so much warm (In way of warning JRB's website does remind users that lightweight materials do not withstand much abuse. They also state that with proper care their products can last for a lifetime.).


I have used the 42”x52” UQ with three different-sized hammocks. I have found it to work well with all of them, including my 132”x60” DangerBird. Because it is only a torso-length UQ, an additional pad or even a backpack is required for insulating the legs and feet.


Fitted to my 60" wide DangerBird.

The Greylock 3 is fitted to the hammock using an adjustable shock cord that clips to each end of the hammock with micro-biners (included and part of the established 16oz weight). The UQ slides along this cord through sewn channels in order to place it where it is needed.


The cord is twisted in this pic to show the JRB logo.

Adjustable draw cords are placed on each end to close the air gap and bring the insulation up against the hammock.



The UQ comes with its own compression sack. However, I prefer to simply stuff the UQ into the bottom of my pack.


Summation: At only 16oz, the Greylock 3 is lighter than many pads and provides full coverage around the shoulders and hips. While I would prefer a full-length UQ, I have been immensely satisfied with the Greylock 3. The quality and craftsmanship make this product well worth the purchase.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $130


If I didn't already have 2 Underquilts for my hammock, the Jacks R Better quilt would be a strong contender.

9 years ago
Bill "L.Dog" Garlinghouse

I got their Mt Washington 3 underquilt when I bought my Hammock at Trail Days. My understanding is that it's the full-length version of yours. It was wonderful on cold nights. When it warmed up, I thought I could get away with just a partially inflated Thermorest pad under me. I gave that concept up after a miserable 58 degree night! Could not keep my shoulders warm. Damn thing kept shifting under me ... I went back to the UQ, and probably won't change!

8 years ago

Goose...this was my first UQ purchase and it worked really well. But like you and others, I prefer a full length UQ even though they're heavier. If you're carrying a sit pad it's usable , but if not, with a 3/4 length UQ, you still have to have something to keep your feet and legs insulated, so IMHO, it's a wash when it comes to weight difference between UQs.

8 years ago

Proven comes to mind when considering products from Jacks R Better, and the Greylock 3 demonstrates that to a tee. The Jacks were there with innovative products from the beginning of the rise in popularity of hammocks for camping.

The Greylock 3 has been around for quite a while and is designed to keep the hammock hanger's backside warm with large baffles full of lofty, compressible, and now water resistant down.

If you hang a hammock in the wild or in your backyard in temps down to the 20s odds are you would benefit from this underquilt.


  • Quality of construction
  • Quality of material
  • Quick shipping
  • Dry down available
  • Great pricing


  • A few ounces heavier that the lightest and newest models
  • Large baffles

I picked up the Greylock 3 in April, ordered it with with 1 oz over stuff and in about an hour I received notification that the product shipped!! I don't know about you, but I don't think you're going to get any product shipped faster after ordering let alone a down quilt with extra down added as an option. I had the products I ordered in two days since I live in S.C. and the Jacks are in Va.

The quilt is shipped in a vented storage bag like comforters are found in retail shops with a nice label with the quilt details and check boxes showing exactly what version is within and a handwritten note regarding the amount of overstuff. On the reverse side are instructions for storage, cleaning, and warranty.

The quality of construction is very good, and the feel of the material is excellent, much better than any other 1.1 rip-stop material I've felt. The shell is DWR treated with no loose threads or apparent errors on construction. A nice compression sack is included that uses a single strap for compression which compacts the quilt nicely. I hope you like labels as the quilt has the VA required tags for bedding products, which were promptly and carefully removed and a tasteful 1.5" square Jacks badge worthy of keeping just because it looks great.

The quilt attaches to the hammock by simply clipping a micro carabiner on each end of the hammock suspension. The quilt is a 2/3's length quilt and easily adjust to the hanger by sliding the quilt along the sturdy shock cord, which is the quilt suspension, so the top of the quilt is even with the hangers neck. The quilt is also equipped with shock cord with cordlocks on each side allowing easy access to vent or close the ends of the quilt as needed based on the temp.

One of my favorite features of the quilt is a loop of grosgrain on each corner strategically placed to allow the attachment of a secondary suspension or a short length of shock cord that attaches to the suspension via a prussik knot. The prussik knot allows the quilt to be locked into position for a specific hanger and hammock and keeps the quilt stretched out to its full length for maximum performance. I did change the end channel shock cord from the stock flat cord to a 1/8" round shock cord.

The stock quilt is advertised to be 16 oz., with the modifications and overstuff mine weighs in at 19.6 oz. I'm thinking someone was very generous with the down since my quilt's loft is over 3" and the Greylock 4 is rated at 3.5" and listed to weigh 20.5 oz. But don't tell anyone since I'm not complaining at all.

One thing that surprised me is that this 20° quilt is really useable in warmer temps. Have you ever changed your home mattress for winter, yeah me neither. The underquilt may be vented by opening the shock cord on the short ends to regulate drafts keep the hanger from over heating. But the use of the proper top quilt or cover, just like at home, determines how warm the hanger will be at least until the quilt's lower temp range is approached.

So far I've only had the opportunity to use this quilt in temps from 55°-70° but using the proper top insulation I have been very pleased with this quilt. I am looking forward to this winter since the weather prognosticators have released their forecast for a very cold winter. I'm almost giddy over 46° lows forecast for this weekend!

Even though the quilt uses material treated with DWR material and dri-down, I have learned from the wise, friendly and experienced folks on hammock forums that in wet weather the addition of an underquilt protector is advisable. One additional benefit of an underquilt protector is its added insulation value, underquilt protectors are reported to add 10°- 15° of warmth to a given setup.

Setup tip, the underquilt is a partial length quilt and if you are new to hanging you will need to consider keeping your feet and ankles warm. I use a sit pad or a small pad placed in footbox of my topquilt with great results. I'm 6' and the quilt covers from mid neck to mid calves which leaves around 12" unprotected.

If you would rather float on billowy clouds of dri downy warmth than lay on the wet soggy ground and are not amount the lightest of the ultra-lighters out there and you would rather spend $200 than $500 to stay warm the Greylock 3 just might be the ticket for you. I know it is for me.

The label below is stamped with the date I ordered it, which just happens to be the date it shipped!


Pardon the angle, but that's well over the advertised 2.5" of loft!


Notice the loop by the cordlock where I added the short piece of shockcord with the prussik knot. The micro carabiner is also shown, which is a very nice and light component.


Closeup of the secondary suspension attachment point.



From the manufacturer's website:


  • Length: 52 inches (1.32 m)
  • Width: 42 inches (1.07 m)
  • Loft: 2.5 Inches (6.4 cm)
  • Material: 1.1 oz., 30 denier, ripstop nylon
  • Insulation: 800 fill power goose down
  • Weight: 16 ounces (0.45 kg)
  • Temperature Rating: 20°-25° F (-7° C)

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $205


Another helpful review. Thanks, dirtwheels!

8 years ago

Alright! Another JRB lover! Your review makes me want to go hammock hanging.

8 years ago

Great review, dirtweels! Thanks for sharing.

8 years ago

AM & Ashleigh, you are most welcome. Hope to be sharing more soon!

8 years ago

Goose, it's supposed to be 42* Sat night, I'm hanging if I have to hang in the back yard!

8 years ago
Eric Owens

I can't wait for this winter's hammocking, either! Good job with the review; nice pics to boot!

8 years ago

Thanks EO, it looks like many personal best/lows will be set this winter.

8 years ago

I'm so glad you're sharing some hammock-realted gear reviews. Perfect timing since after 3 years owning my Hennessy, I'm finally ready to commit to some additional gear. I had quite a breakthrough just the other weekend, where I slept soundly all through the night and thoroughly enjoyed being off the ground. Previous experiences left me a bit restless. Anyhow, it got down to 47 degrees those 2 nights and I just made due with my thermarest and sleeping bag. We don't get many nights like that here in Florida but I'd like to be able to use the hammock outside of Florida. I'll definitely take a look at this underquilt. Thanks for sharing!

8 years ago

Lah, take a serious look at the Wilderness Logics Summer Series Quilts (SSUQ & SSTQ) The partial SSUQ weighs 12 ounces and they now have a full length model as well. They are sewn thru and compact well. The Wilderness Logics guys would likely produce those in an alternative fabric like the new hyper D or argon that are popular. UGQ also has warmer options you may want to consider. I usually use my SSUQ until temps drop below 40 or 35. Using a space blanket as a vapor barrier between the hammock and the UQ can extend the low temperature range of an UQ by 10* easy but for me is is more like 15*. Thanks for the kind words. If you do not intend on going below freezing and would like something that would keep you warm that works well in very moist areas you may want to consider the HHSS. See my review of the HHSS for additional information.

8 years ago

As a lightweight bottom insulation this is great! I purchased it because it was the 3/4 length and it works well for the way I hammock sleep. It's a quality product made by guys you can speak to directly and who stand by their craftsmanship.


  • Lightweight
  • Very well made
  • Made in the USA
  • Fast shipping
  • Great customer service


  • A bit more expensive than mass produced products

I use this paired with an ENO DoubleNest hammock. For my height the length of the underquilt covers from neck/shoulders to below my knees. It is in my opinion very wide wrapping up nicely around me.

Setup is very simple and intuitive once attached to the hammock the full channel suspension is adjustable from inside the hammock. Once adjusted properly it can simply be unclipped and packed away and left ready and nearly fully adjusted for the next use.

Overall packability is good. Can nearly be compressed down to the size of a soft ball. 

So far I have used this on one short backpacking trip, one BSA campout and a few nights of testing in my backyard. I use a sleeping bag for top insulation and add a small sit pad to the footbox area to complete the setup and have had great results.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to others that want to hammock camp.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $180


What part of the country are you hanging in, Johnnie?

8 years ago
johnnie scales

North East Arkansas.

8 years ago

Hey, I'm in Illinois, and I've been thinking about hiking in the Missouri Ozarks in the future!

8 years ago
johnnie scales

I hear good things about the Ozarks up there. I recently did an overnight in the Irish Wilderness of Mark Twain National Forest in southeast Missouri and really enjoyed it

8 years ago
Eric Owens

The Ozark Trail offers a lot of options. My nephew and I did a trip on the Current River this past July. We did 2 days down river in a canoe, camping on the bank over night, then spent 3 days heading back up to our put-in on the Current River section. Very scenic, very nice!

8 years ago

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