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Jetboil Luna Satellite Burner

photo: Jetboil Luna Satellite Burner compressed fuel canister stove says:
The Luna Satellite Burner connects to JetBoil's Genesis Base Camp Cooking System through the JetLink port, so you can add an extra burner to your camp kitchen without having to deal with the extra weight and hassle of an additional fuel source. The Luna may share a fuel source with your Genesis stove, but the stove operates independently from the rest of your cooking system with its own push-button igniter and simmer control. The Luna is compatible with JetBoil . 8L, 1L Short, 1L Tall, and 1. 8L tall pots.

Compatible with: Eureka! Spire Camp Stove, Eureka! Spire LX, Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Stove, Jetboil Genesis Basecamp System, Jetboil HalfGen BaseCamp System,


Price Current Retail: $69.95
Historic Range: $34.95-$69.95
Fuel propane
Boil time for 0.5 L of water 2:15
Water boiled per 1 Lb propane bottle 48 liters
Weight 6.8 oz / 192 g


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