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rated 3.5 of 5 stars The latest version of the K&R Alpin is a very good compass, with excellent manufacturing quality, but has a few annoying glitches that keep it from being competitive with the best mirror-sight baseplate compasses from Suunto and Silva of Sweden. The K&R Alpin is a very good compass, with excellent manufacturing quality. Like many mountaineering compasses such as the Silva 15T Expedition and the Suunto MC-2G, the Alpin uses a mirror sighting mechanism, but the mirror is made of unbreakable… Full review

Lumo Tec

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Lumo Tec is a compact mirror-vee sighting compass made in Germany. In general appearance it is something like the Silva 27 'Landmark' or 'Guide' folding mirror-sight compasses, only a bit larger and better built. It uses the same capsule with luminous outer dial as its bigger brother, the Alpin, and features a clinometer, transparent capsule with orienting lines, and adjustable declination (using either the supplied tool or simply finger pressure on the capsule). A word on map use - while I… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I'll admit right off, most people don't need a sighting compass as nice as this one for regular wilderness travel. I got this one more or less out of nostalgia — and frustration. I lost my old reliable Swedish-made Silva Ranger in a move and was very unhappy with the quality of its replacement, a Silva Ranger from Johnson Outdoors made somewhere else. It had a split mirror stuck on with double-sided tape, which promptly fell off, among other issues. So I bought this. The K&R Alpin uses a polished… Full review

Meridian Pro

rated 5 of 5 stars This is a compass/hand transit made by the German firm Kasper & Richter. This compass is similar to the Brunton hand transit (also known as the M1 or M2 compass), but is about $60 - $150 less expensive-depending on the Brunton model used for comparison. I've been using mine now for several months and love it. The accuracy is +/- 1 degree or better. The Meridian Pro is easy to read, has a leveling bubble, international needle, sapphire bearing, near indestructible capsule, and many other features… Full review

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