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Tiki Bar

rated 5 of 5 stars These bars taste good and have a good, crunchy texture. One of my favorite discoveries this year was Kate’s brand. I have burned out on so many energy bars that I’m filled with dread every time I have to stock up. Kate’s saved the day with a bar that has actual crunch and delicious flavor. I quickly tire of the soft textures of so many backpacking foods but Kate’s bars use organic brown rice crisps (think Rice Krispies) to provide a satisfying crunch. All of her products use gluten-free,… Full review

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Kate’s Real Food makes energy bars handcrafted from organic and GMO-free ingredients.


Kate's Real Food
Tram Bar, LLC dba Kate’s
P.O. Box 1079
Victor, ID 83455

phone: (208) 354-4790

website: www.katesrealfood.com