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Keen Truckee

rated 3.50 of 5 stars

The Truckee has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best trail shoes for 2021.

photo: Keen Truckee trail shoe


Price Historic Range: $44.97-$90.00
Reviewers Paid: $50.00-$130.00
Price Historic Range: $26.99-$90.00
Price Historic Range: $23.83-$60.00


6 reviews
5-star:   3
4-star:   0
3-star:   1
2-star:   1
1-star:   1

After reading some of the other posts on the discontinued Keen Truckee shoes I had to respond!!! I just got off the phone and after looking online — with no success as I am in search of a second pair!!!! Yet they are discontinued!!!

I have narrow feet, size 11. I have still the olive green leather, grey fabric with orange stripes and highlights. They are the best shoes I have ever had in my life!!!!

I did find that they started to break down after a year of everyday use, and wanted to get a replacement pair. But never did. I just kept wearing what I have and still wear today....

Because I cannot find a replacement that even comes close!!!!

Now my shoes are two and a half years old And here I remain.

If you have a pair, send them to Pittsburgh. I will be waiting.

And Keen Co., bad move to not sell that style anymore. I will be waiting for you also, maybe this fall, otherwise??? Your customer service recommended the Obsidian. No, thanks.

Materials: leather, fabric; no gore-tex!
Use: All around everyday Ahh. everywear!!!
Break-in Period: 30 sec. just tie the laces!!
Weight: feather weight contender !!!
Price Paid: $80

I bought my Keen Truckee shoes April of 09 prior to spending 2 weeks backpacking thru Europe. My shoes have been to Scotland, England, Ireland, France and Italy as well as all over New York City. I also wear them to work, and I am on my feet for most of my 12 hour shifts. They are just now (May 10) starting to wear out.

They are the best fitting shoes I have ever owned. I plan to get another pair just like them. Great stability, I tend to supinate when I walk and I have more of a squared off foot, these shoes helped me a lot!

Price Paid: $79.99

These POS shoes are cheap Asian made crap. Soon after purchase they started to fall a part. I am extremely disappointed in these shoes. Keen should be embarrassed that they put their names on these and offer refunds to any and all that purchase these crappy shoes.

Price Paid: $130

This shoe sucks. It has horrible traction and it has a hard footbed with weak cushioning. Although it does look pretty cool and that's its only benefit.

I had heard a lot about Keen and how great they are. I am severely disappointed and this will be my last pair of Keens. I have large feet (size 14/15 and very wide) and the shoes do fit very well as size goes.

I would not recommend this shoe to anyone. I haven't been happy with its performance on any surface.

Price Paid: $80

I bought these shoes as hikers for my son at Christmas. I was kind of happy when he didn't even want to try them on. I started wearing them immediately and loved them, they're very comfortable.

Now it's mid April and I'm disappointed. They are tearing at the seams; both shoes have a hole. I have just worn them for normal daily wear, no hiking or climbing. Too bad!

Price Paid: $50

Great product that goes from trail to city and back without missing a beat. First, it looks much better than most trail running shoes which for me was huge since I needed a shoe for my longer trips where I would be both hiking/running and touring cities. Very comfortable with great support but a little warm for very hot climates.

I broke them in with a 12-hour friends b-day at Disneyland. Nothing more uncomfortable than that much concrete and standing. They came through with flying colors. Next was a run/hike in the Santa Monica mountains...I didn't need to remove then afterwards when having a beer they were so comfortable.

Materials: Leather
Use: Disneyland to Europe Alps trekking with heavy pack.
Break-in Period: One day
Price Paid: $90

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