Kelty Corrie 1

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The Corrie 1 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best three-season tents for 2020.

photo: Kelty Corrie 1 three-season tent


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Reviewers Paid: $89.00


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First of all - the weight is off on this tent. I weighed mine and trail weight (fly, tent & poles, no sacks or stakes) is 3lbs 7.5oz. Weighed with 13 stakes of various weights and the sacks, it came to 4lbs and 1.6 oz. Not a major difference from the 3lbs 3 oz listed, but still, it should be noted.

I took this tent on a solo backpacking trip in CO in early fall.  The best tent spot I could find was not completely level.  I do not have the Corrie footprint and just used a trash bag (split open lengthwise) under the tent. Temps dropped into the 20s at night, for sure.

The space inside is roomy enough for me (a small person) and my dog (30lbs spaniel) as well as a variety of gear.  I use a Thermarest Pro Women's and there was still plenty of space on either side of my shoulders. 

This has a head in entrance.  For me, a side entrance would be better, because struggling with the dog through that head opening is a pain.  But the door is large and easy to open.

I didn't have any rainfall or snowfall, but we had a little wind.  I staked this out in an okay fashion and had no problems.  I was camped near a creek, so I don't know if anything was flapping, I didn't hear anything, though. 

The vestibule was certainly large enough for my pack and boots, but it made getting in and out a pain to stumble over the stuff.  However, I understand that I cannot expect "basecamp" luxury when I had to pack in my gear. I suppose, if you are not in bear country, you could cook in this vestibule, if you had to, it seems possible, although you'd have to drag your gear inside to have enough manouvering room. 

Overall, I would recommend this tent to someone who wants a lightweight tent that actually has some room to allow some livability.  I think the fly has enough coverage to weather storms and I like the ease of tightening the guylines with the adjusters that come standard.  The reflective cord that comes with the fly is very hand to avoid tripping yourself after a late night pee run.

Price Paid: $89

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