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Kelty Stratus 35

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Stratus 35 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best warm weather synthetic sleeping bags for 2023.

photo: Kelty Stratus 35 warm weather synthetic sleeping bag

I own a few sleeping bags, but this one is my standard all-purpose favorite. Most of the time I'm out the weather is not extreme one way or the other - who wants to be out in that stuff all the time? Therefore most of the time we're out the night weather is cool. Which falls right into this bag's sweet spot for performance. I am a rather skinny person, so I get cold more easily than big guys, therefore I think the 35 deg F rating is a little bit liberal; for those who chill easily I would say the coldest rating on this bag should be about 10 degrees warmer - around 45 deg F.

But nonetheless I love the bag. Once I tore out the inside lining at the seam of the footbox, but had a seamstress fix it right up again.

The synthetic fill means I don't have to worry too much about dampness - and let's face it it's always damp, especially in the crossover seasons during which a bag like this is likely to be used.

You could get a slightly lighter and more compressible down bag but it would then carry the concerns of getting wet, and it would cost a LOT more money. For me the difference is not worth it and I am happy to use this bag. I also have the Kelty fleece liner and sometimes I use it with this bag to extend the warmth down another notch on colder nights.

Great value for the money.

Design: mummy
Fill: Quallofil synthetic
Temperature Rating: 35 F
Weight: 2 lb, 1 oz
Price Paid: $50 (I think)

This bag is well thought out overall; I never leave on a camping trip without it. I have taken it on trips in temperatures below the rating and been fine. However, I am a hot natured sleeper and was wearing long underwear at the time.

The positives are very obvious. The temperature capability is very versatile; I can take it on trips that I really should use a summer bag on and not be entirely uncomfortable. On the other hand, cold nights are not miserable either.

The only complaint I have against it is that it has no hood, which can be very useful on occasion. I get along fine without it, though, and am very satisfied with the overall performance.

The bag is very compressible, and fits into the provided stuff very easily. I have not tried it in a compression sack as of yet. I take it on short backpacking trips on a regular basis, and it serves me well.

Bottom line: Get the bag. You'll be glad you did.

Design: mummy
Fill: Synthetic
Temperature Rating: 35 F
Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.
Price Paid: $50

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