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rated 3.5 of 5 stars The Kestrel Drop 2 Datalogger is a tiny sensor that links with your iPad or iPhone to provide environmental measurements remotely. It is handy for checking the temperature when you are comfortable inside your tent or snow shelter and sleeping bag or for monitoring fresh food you carry for the first few days of a backpacking trip. Background: Have you ever been nice and cozy inside your tent and wondered what temperature awaited you outside your tent? Or, on the other hand, been roasting inside your… Full review


rated 1.5 of 5 stars I bought my first one in 2010 for use in my kayaking business in SW Florida. The Kestrel worked fine for measuring temperature, but stopped working when left in a kayak cockpit with an inch of water for about 2 minutes. I returned it to the company as it was still under warranty and got excellent service as they shipped me another one right away. This one stopped working as well when in contact with water for no more than a minute. I want to believe the company has a great product but have found… Full review

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