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KÖPPEN Haltbar

photo: KÖPPEN Haltbar antishock trekking pole


Price MSRP: $30.00
Reviewers Paid: $60.00


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Same problem as mentioned by previous writer; poles would not tighten...just kept turning by hand with no result. Dick's, where I bough them, couldn't help. Referred me to Koppen but no response from them. I give up, will buy another brand.

Dennis Zink

Webster, NY 

(585) 746-9465

Source: bought it new


Welcome to Trailspace, Dennis. Thanks for sharing your experience with these poles. I believe Koppen is a house brand of Dick's Sporting Goods.

3 years ago

Threaded insert for length adjustment disintegrated making pole useless. Dick's Sporting Goods won't stand behind its brand. I can't even get a replacement part. Koppen's website customer service referred me to Dick's and Dick's referred me back to them.


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  • Failed to perform as designed

I bought a set of these poles new at Dick's for $60 about two years ago. The threaded insert failed recently and wouldn't allow the pole to collapse. I continued to use it since it was at the correct height for me.

Well, recently the part failed completely and now the pole will not remain in position. I went on Koppen's website to look for a replacement part. None available. I emailed Koppen customer service. I got an automated response from them. Then I got an automated response from Dick's. (I never contacted Dick's.)

Long and short, I can't get a part. Dick's refers me to Koppen. Koppen doesn't respond, but I get robo-responses from Dick's.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $60


Welcome to Trailspace, Mac. I'm sorry to her your poles broke and you aren't able to get a replacement part. Do you have any pictures showing the issue, so others can see what happened?

4 years ago

That stinks, Mac. Something I did with a failed pole was insert a smaller aluminum tube between the 2 sections of pole and "glue" it with JB weld. The pole will never be adjustable again, but it's still usable.

4 years ago

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