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La Sportiva Eiger

rated 3.50 of 5 stars

The Eiger has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best mountaineering boots for 2020.

photo: La Sportiva Eiger mountaineering boot


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Price Reviewers Paid: $200.00-$275.00
Price Historic Range: $159.96-$178.75


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Only purchased them since they were on sale at Mtn. Gear.

Very high quality in virtually every respect.

Very supportive. Alleviates cramping of muscles on outside of ankle and outer front shin. Very comfortable and supportive on ascents and very uneven terrain.

Purchased the same size that my Lowa Scout II boots are. Problem is that the Eiger seems to be sized small. Should have gotten a half-size or full-size (euro sizing) larger. On any descent, even with the boots laced very tight (proper tightness) to extremely tight (too tight for comfort), the big toes (with nails clipped short) still strike the front, or front-top of the boot. It is not long before dreaded "black-toe" results along with significant bleeding if the severe pain is ignored--take it from me! Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you must keep going. In such situation, "black-toe" is the least of your worries!!

Boot soles are very stifff with no flex--as they are designed to be. They do NOT function well for backingpacking on trails--even trails with many ascents and descents. They are after all mountaineering boots. Have tried them backpacking with poor results. Since the boots don't flex, no matter how tight they are laced, the heel of the foot tries to slide up and down to make up for the lack of flex in the sole of the boot. Eventually, this takes its toll on the heels of the foot resulting in uncomfortable-to-painful irriatation--minor when compared to the "black-toe".

These boots are extremely waterproof (after sealing with the supplied wax). Wading ankle-deep streams is NOT a problem. Feet stayed completely dry--not a drop of water entered the boots.

The standard dry-lex insoles are NOT comfortable--too hard. Have tried a very thin full-length gel sole coupled with a "Shock-Doctor Ultra" insole. This works much better. Using either the thinner standard Dry-Lex insoles or the thicker combo pair described above, "toe strike" resulting in "black-toe" occurred.

Great boot for ascents.

Make sure to get a larger size to avoid "toe strike" leading to "black-toe"; replace the standard Dry-Lex insoles with your preference; and you have a very nice pair of summer (uninsulated) mountaineering boots.

Materials: waxed-sealed leather
Use: mountaineering
Break-in Period: very-short
Weight: moderately light (as far as mtn. boots go)
Price Paid: $200

Unlike most La Sportiva boots the Eiger breaks in fairly quickly. Prior to these I owned the Karakoram( good boot)! The Eiger seems to be a much easier boot to break in. As far as trail walking goes they work extremly well. Comfort is improved over the Karakoram due to the extensive padding. With crampons this boot is the best Glacier travel boots around bar none! On ice they are good for about 1 pitch unless you own Bionic legs. For edging they do fairly well. Duribility what can you say (BOMBPROOF). The biggest drawback to these boots are weight and lots of it. Size you must have these boots fitted!!!!!

Materials: leather
Use: summer mountaineering
Break-in Period: 30 miles
Weight: 5 lbs
Price Paid: $275

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