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La Sportiva Miura

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
photo: La Sportiva Miura climbing shoe

These shoes are just great for sport-climbing, boulder, and even trad climbing. I've used these guys overall and have no regrets. They're comfortable, sticky, and efficient.

Since a reliable edging on routes from a powerful heel job, this shoe, if fitted correctly, can be your number one shoes. I'd recommend for every kind of climb. Seriously.


  • Heels
  • Sticky rubber
  • Reliable edging


  • Not so good for steep boulders

I felt that rubber stretched a lot, so I'd recommend down sizing. How much? Depends on your style and your use. I wear a 9.5 street size and bought the Miuras on 39.5 (7 US) for precise use. It is still comfortable, making me able to use at some routes (max. on 30' - 45'). When bouldering, I use to take'em off.

The sole is a Vibram and super sticky. Try to maintain it clean and you won't regret. Idk about how much time it will last, but for sure one year with intense use will be the minimum. 

I've used on sandstone, granite, limestone, and quartzito (in Brazil) and it last long very good. The Brazilian granite is so much more rough and they could still work good. Never had any contact with water or moisture, and it didn't stink.

Conclusion: Great shoes. If you have the money, it is worthwhile. You pay and will not bother yourself.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 159 U$

I'm a woman but have long, narrow feet, and find that the men's Miuras are great for me. The laces allow for me to cinch them up tightly enough for my narrow feet, and they fit them like a glove.

I use these solely for gym climbing and they stick super well to plastic. They do take a while to break in and the toes are pretty pointy, though, so they get a little sore (but that's fine for gym, cragging, etc.).


  • Sticky
  • Mold to foot well


  • Stinky
  • Take a while to break in
  • Small toes

Fit: Fits the foot itself like a glove, but toes are a little cramped and can get sore/bruised.

Comfort: Takes a while to break in... probably about 10 climbs for me.

Traction: Sticks great to plastic—never tried on rock.

Construction: The shoe has held up really well over the last year and a half, but the laces disintegrate pretty quickly with crack climbing (easy fix).

Conditions: Purchased around January 2013, used a couple times a week in the gym since then.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $130

I have been on the hunt for a shoe that fits my heel and so far the Miura is as close as it gets.

My first pair of climbing shoes was the Red Chili X Cube, which had a heel that fitted me quite nicely but the shoe was 1-2 sizes too big. I later tried a Chilis again, but super tight and due to the arch in your foot the heel wasn't as effective anymore.

The DENTEX material the Miuras are lined with are real rough on your toes especially if you fit them super tight and lead to calluses.

The Vibram rubber is no way as sticky as stealth C4 or stealth Onyx, but the Miuras have a stiff sole which gives you confidence on little edges.

I'm a street size 9 US and my Miuras are 37 EUR.

The break-in period was painful and long. Took a solid two weeks with plastic freezer bags on before they didn't hurt as much, but I still have to take them off between problems.

They are a great all rounder shoe.

Materials: leather
Use: bouldering
Break-in Period: 1-2 weeks
Price Paid: $200 AUS

Perfect climbing fit, fantastic grip.


  • Grip
  • Toe edge positioning accuracy
  • Fit
  • Price


  • None to speak of

I bought these three years ago after having tried at least three other brands. I climb indoors up to twice a week. The effect they had on my climbing was amazing. The fit is very snug for a wide foot but they stretch and end up fitting like a second skin.

I bought lace-ups rather than velcro and find I can adjust the fit minutely on different parts of my feet.


First set of climbing shoes

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $220

Great climbing shoes for difficult routes. It is suitable for beginners also.


  • Precise
  • Good quality


  • Price

I use these climbing shoes for over two years now and I am very satisfied.

I use 1,5 size smaller than my actual size for shoes and are still quite comfortable (up to 20, 25 min or so).

It gives user great and precise grip for small footholds, allowing user to climb difficult routes. 

Beside I just got a new rubber (worn out), shoes are still in good shape.


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: about 100 euro

LaSportiva makes the highest quality of climbing shoes. The Miuras are no exception to this.

This is my favorite shoe when I need surgical prescion for scary pull downs. It is extremely comfortable after break in. They will stretch 1/2 size, buy them smaller to accommodate this. The edging of this shoe is unbeliaviable.

Also the new XS grip rubber is the best all around rubber, even better than Stealth c4. I have never had problems with friction in this shoes. If they fit your feet proper, and you want to take your climbing to the next level, buy them.

Break-in Period: 3-5 climbing trips
Price Paid: who cares

I haven't found them to be all that sticky. They do however edge superbly, toe hook like my middle finger. And they are pretty comfy, mine are breaking in after only a few climbs.

They do stretch a half size to a size. Buy 'em good and snug and than buy them a half size smaller or you will be disappointed!

Overall I am looking forward to working some more sport and trad routes in them.

Materials: Lined leather
Use: everything
Break-in Period: short

Pretty comfortable for an aggressive shoe. Great toeing and edging, good for boulder problems, overhangs, toe-hooks.

Not impressed with the stickiness of the rubber; I've blown quite a few feet on technical slab problems. The back of the shoe can produce some pain on the achilles tendon. Mine lasted me a year and some change.

Overall, I recommend them!

Materials: leather
Use: aggressive climbing
Break-in Period: weeks
Price Paid: $145

They are a precise shoe, which edge very well. They fit a narrow-medium width foot. The rubber is not as soft as C4. However, I wear them on all routes unless the rock has poor friction or it is consistently steep.

For lower friction rock and past vertical routes, I prefer Scarpa slippers.

Use: technical face climbs / rock climbing
Price Paid: $130

I've been climbing in Miuras for three years now. They are absolutely the best edgeing shoe I've found!

As far as an all around, there's nothing better that I've tried. Miuras are comfy, clingy, and an all around high performing shoe.

Break-in Period: 3-4 trips
Price Paid: $100-$120

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