A technical, lightweight mountaineering boot for climbing on mixed terrain.

Best For: Winter mountaineering, ice climbing, mixed climbing


Weight 31.5 oz / 894 g


At the recommendation of the outfitter near Mt. Rainier…

Rating: rated 2.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $575

At the recommendation of the outfitter near Mt. Rainier I purchased these boots with a 90-day window to break them in. Supposedly 70% of the guides out there wear these. With three weeks before my climb and thousands invested to summit Rainier these boots hurt like hell. 

I have tried Superfeet inserts of five types, several configurations of thick and thin socks, with and without liner socks, laced up tight to hold my heel down—they rub and hurt every time I take a walk. It is a mile around my block and I have put about 20 miles on these Nepal Cubes. 

Now I am beginning to feel desperate and have invested several thousand planning this special trip. These may soon be for sale as I try to find an old used pair that offer more comfort.

Maybe it's just my feet, but I wear Salomon boots every day in comfort. Tonight I filled them with water and tried to get them to form to my feet with slight improvement. Certainly do not look forward to hiking for 20 hours in these with or without crampons.


Welcome to Trailspace, James. I'm sorry to hear your La Sportivas are not working out for you. Do you have a local outdoor retailer that could check out the fit and help you? Any boot fitters who might be able to assess the fit and stretch the boot, perhaps? Also, if Salomons work for you, the company does make some mountaineering boots.

3 years ago
Nordic Runner

Hi, I have the Evo boots, 2 generations old and have had a very good experience with them in temperatures done to -20F. I added a ½" wool felt sole and been using thin poly liner socks, then a plastic bag to make a vapor liner and then thick wool socks. With all these layers, I think it's important that the feet are not feeling packet which wold make the boot feel colder. I don't have any heel slipping. I use them primary with snowshoes and crampons, but each have different foot shapes and fit. Hope this helps.

3 years ago
Nordic Runner

Also, I have a pair of Salomon d4 Quest boots, the Salomon are very soft and comfy, but also a completely different boot fir regular hiking. I normally use both the Salomon but also more heavy leather boots in the summer, this

3 years ago
Nordic Runner

might make the transition easier on the feet when using mountaineering boots.

3 years ago