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Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

rated 4.0 of 5 stars
photo: Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock hammock

I really like this hammock but I can see where there are strengths and weaknesses when compared to other companies selling similar products.


  • Adjustable suspension to achieve comfort
  • Flat lie
  • Wide space in hammock
  • Pockets
  • O-ring for storage ridge line
  • Stability
  • Bivy


  • Tarp
  • Minor waterproofing
  • Storage size
  • Bivy comfort
  • Stability

I have a video review of this product on my website which you can access on my profile.

I received this hammock the other day and I couldn’t wait to review it. I love reviewing products that have mixed reviews from other people. When I first opened the box for the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock I thought to myself “Man this thing is big”, but I wasn’t going to let that ruin the hammock for me and I continued on. When I picked the hammock up my next thought was “Man this thing is heavy”, again I was going to stay positive and continue my review.

I finally got out with the guys and did a short hike into the woods to test out this product and have some good old fashioned fun with my friends. I started unpacking the product and setting it up. It takes a bit longer to set up this product in comparison to other cottage company’s hammocks like the Warbonnet Blackbird, or the Jacks R Better Bear Mountain Bridge but this is not a deal breaker.

When you get this thing set up you want to jump in and try it out. It can be really unstable and a bit scary if you don’t tie out the corners of the hammock. Once the corners are tied out it couldn’t be better. You can literally jump around in the hammock without tipping. This also decreases the swaying motion in the hammock. This is both a pro and con as some people like hammocks for this motion where others get nauseous and fell sea sick with this motion. Tying out the corners is also what contributes to the longer set up time.

When inside the hammock there is so much space it is really like sleeping on an elevated cot. There is plenty of room and you can lie down in any positions like; back, stomach, fetal and so on. Inside there is also two pockets, one large enough to fit a book and the other for smaller items. In addition to that there are two o-rings that can be used to attach a storage ridge line. This can provide you with more storage areas if you build or buy other accessories. I really liked this feature because similar hammocks don’t have a ridge line, like the Jacks R Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock.

One feature that I found to be cool for this hammock is the suspension. My first impression of the nylon rope suspension was “this is going to get wet, soak my hammock and then soak me. How can it be useful”? But after trying it out and learning that you can adjust each individual rope to find your sweet spot I quickly changed my mind on that. This is a great feature because as you probably know everyone has a different idea of what is comfortable.

Keeping that in mind Lawson came up with a way for everyone to be able to adjust the hammock in a way that best suites their comfort.  One downfall from this is that the tarp provided doesn’t cover the rope all of the way, this means it could possibly become saturated and soak the hammock. I wasn’t able to test this out and there is drip off points so I think it would take a rather large rain storm for the hammock to be compromised.

The aluminum alloy poles are really strong and help in creating a completely flat lay. These poles also stretch out the hammock and contribute to the large amount of space you have when in the hammock. Aluminum alloy poles are also used to support the bug net and tarp. This keeps the bug net completely off of your body from every point in the hammock.

The tarp is one of my main issues with this product. When the tarp is up you don’t have much air flow. There are two small areas at the top and bottom of the hammock that provide air flow when the tarp is up. This would be bad during rain storms and when it is hot and muggy outside. It might be a positive in the winter but this is only a three season hammock.

Another issue with the tarp is that it is not a quick set up, so if there is a chance for rain and you don’t have it up because it is hot and you need air flow you will get wet when the rain comes. It is fairly waterproof though with the tarp set up. Unfortunately I found it doesn’t cover all of the points as well as I would have liked. But don’t worry because you could always just set up another tarp over the hammock and use this hammock like any other.

The bivy tent feature of this product is a great selling feature. I tested it out in bivy mode and found that when you are in the hammock as a bivy there is not much room between you and the bug net. Another product that has this feature is the DD Hammocks and their bivy is amazing so it can be done. This made it really uncomfortable for me. The nylon material on the bottom proved to be water proof though. I soaked under the hammock for about 3 minutes before getting in and it was dry all around.

I also set the hammock up with the tarp and soaked it only to find one weak point. At each corner where you tie out the hammock the seam for that tie out point leaks water in. this is a really slow leak but if you were in a down pour it would be an issue both as a bivy and hammock. This can be easily corrected with some water proof tape.

Insulation is another issue with this hammock. The only option is to have a sleeping pad. I believe this is the reason for identifying it as a three season hammock on their web site. if you have a pad and a bag you should be good for three seasons but hammocks tend to be more comfortable with an under-quilt which is not easily achievable with this hammock.

Overall I was impressed with the hammock and will most likely use it again.

Disclosure: The reviewer received a sample of this product from the brand or its representatives in exchange for a review.

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (I received a sample of this product from the brand or its representatives in exchange for a review. I kept the product after testing.)

I've used a lot of different tent hammocks through the years and the Lawson Hammock is hands down the best. Highly recommend it. Easy to set up, extremely comfortable and high quality. Have never slept better when camping!


  • Versatile (can use as hammock or tent)
  • Very comfortable/roomy
  • Easy to use/set up
  • Includes attached bug netting and detachable rainfly
  • You can take out tent poles and use as regular hammock


  • Took me a couple times to figure out best angle/tightness to hang it at.
  • Isn't quite as roomy when using as a tent/bivy, but love the option



Love this thing! The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock has become my favorite piece of camping equipment...and believe me, I have a lot! Haha.

I have several other hammocks like Hennessy, Clark, ENO, etc. and this one is my favorite by far. Primarily because it's so much more comfortable than my other ones and the fact that it can truly be used on the ground as a tent too.

I've used it in mosquito infested areas and also during bad storms and never got bit or got wet. I pack it on the bottom of my backpack and it fits well there. I can now set it up in just a couple minutes, much faster than my tents or other hammocks. I use my own webbing and carabiners.

I like to sleep on my side and this is easy in the Lawson because the bed is more spread out and tighter than others. It's very spacious/comfortable and sometimes during the day, I'll take the arch poles out and lounge on it like a regular hammock.

I've only used it a handful of times as a tent when I wasn't in a place that had trees and it worked well. It just wasn't as roomy as when using it as a hammock, but makes feel better knowing that it's an option and I'll still use it as a tent from time to time.

Hoping to get more as presents for my friends and family! -WS

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $170

A good idea, and in proper conditions the Lawson Hammock is a good option.


  • Very well made
  • You'll feel like a hi-tech camper
  • A very peaceful perch in the proper conditions
  • Gets you off the ground if there's nothing flat for a tent


  • A bit confining when using the rain tarp over it
  • Less stable with a sleeping pad
  • Bulky/weight for back packing
  • Not great on the ground as a bivy

Although the separator rods work well to make a flatter-ish sleep platform (yep, only "flatter-ish"), the one pivot/twirl point of contact also contributes to it's instability. It becomes even more unstable if used with a sleeping pad, and with a 4" thick pad for cold weather consideration (was a short walk in to site from my vehicle; i.e. was not hiking with such a big sleep pad), it became completely unusable. The pad's stiffness made this hammock simply unstable as it then easily spins around that one contact point of the strand's ahead of the bar; it needs the sag of your body weight for stability.

A four point hang tie would course improve stability, but would increase on-site practical set-up conditions required. As with pretty well all hammocks, if you sleep on your side or front, forget about having a restful sleep - hammocks are for sleeping on your back only. 

Not really suitable for backpacking/hiking as it is bulky and weighs a bit more than other options. Only suitable as an on-ground bivy if it's an only option. It is far too close around you to make for a confident, restful sleep.

So depending on what adventure you are lining up, have gear ready to suit it. Sometimes a tent is better, or a tarp or both, or a light-weight sling hammock, or the Lawson Hammock. 


No expert, nor super hard-core, but have enjoyed the forests, rivers and lakes for about 45 of my 60 years. 6' 1"/215lbs. Mainly hiking (8 and 5 night hikes on the Appalachian Trail were the longest), ADV motorcycle (9 nights on my Strom longest), and my canoe 1 or 2 nights. For hiking and moto-camping, a minimalist 1-thing-does-3-things is my packing approach. So, I choose gear that give the most useful options and aren't going to fall apart.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $200 CND (I think) on sale at my local outdoor store.

Very good. I love this hammock. Not light and bulky to carry, but very comfortable.


  • Flat lay


  • Weight

I love this hammock. It allows me to have a flat lay which allows me to sleep on my side.

The only drawback is that it is very heavy and bulky compared to other camping hammocks.


Summer camping for two years. Tried it once in winter.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $200

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Weight 4.25 lb
Length 90 in
Width 36 in
Packs to 22 x 6 in.
Weight Limit 250 lb
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