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Leki Sierra AS

photo: Leki Sierra AS hiking staff


Price MSRP: $89.95
Historic Range: $29.95-$89.95
Weight 10.5 oz
Length 78 - 145 cm


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In 2005 my wife and I were visiting our daughter in London, England. While spending the day at Brighton Beach I experienced an arthritic incident in my hip joint so, not wanting to minimize anyone's fun, we started looking for some kind of walking aide. We happened into a sporting goods shop in Brighton Beach, and found the Leki "Sierra AS". The trip went off as planned and a great time was experienced by all. I might add that, thanks to the antishock feature, I never experienced any wrist pain so often associated with first time cane or staff users.

My wife and I have traveled many miles since then and whether relying on it to climb the "Spanish Steps" or using it as a camera mount at the palace of "Catherine the Great", my Leki Sierra has never failed to adapt instantly and perfectly to fit the needs of the situation. To go from soft to rigid and back I found I could make a quick motion in stride (somewhat like squeezing an orange in a juicer). Another neat trick is to use the camera nut for minute changes of up to 1/4" in height.

I 'most always carry my Leki during air travel and it's perfect for aiding legs that have been cramped in airplane seats for far to long. It is nice to know, however, that it will slide together and fit into a small suitcase for those short "puddle jumper" flights.

Whether steadying a camera for quick shot or steadying myself while negotiating a slippery trail I give the Leki "Sierra AS" my full 5 Star endorsement.

By the way I recently had that hip replaced and my Leki was the perfect aide to a swift recovery.

Price Paid: 51 Euro

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