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Lightload Towels

rated 5 of 5 stars Kick Ass Towels!!! Really cool little towels. I bought a two pack on Amazon for under $5. The have the texture of a cross between a shamwow and a guitar rag. They come with a little list of what all you can do with them. Kinda like a multi use bandana you can dry up with. You can wash them too for when they get funky. I will keep a few on hand at all times. Two in the pack, two in the truck. I love these little things.   Full review

Lightload Towels

rated 5 of 5 stars Lightload Towels is a one of kind towel. Looking at the package you wonder how can this be a towel because it is so small and compact but once you open it the lightload expands to a 12 by 24 towel. It's a little rough at first opening but getting wet softens it up. I have used it to start fires, clean pots, dry myself, generate insulation, treat cuts, treat blisters, and clean lenses. It is an all and one survival tool. Its great for high altitudes and winter weather because… Full review

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