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rated 3.5 of 5 stars These are a good snowshoe for smaller children (ages 5 to 7 and maybe 8). Although the 8 X 16 dimension can hold up to 100lbs, the size of the binding limit its use for older children - especially when wearing heavy winter boots. The bindings are simple to get on and off. The adjustment for the binding is great as it grows with the child and is very secure. These are a great value for those earlier years. They are rugged and are virtually maintenance free. Saying that they are good up to age 12… Full review

Trek FTC

rated 3 of 5 stars Pros: Lightweight. Easy to put on. Lots of flotation in deep snow. Good crampons. Quiet. Cons: Heel strap isn't totally secure. Durability. Other shoes tried. MSR Denali Various Atlas. Even though they are a larger shoe more suited to deeper snow, the light weight and strap-sprung pivot make this shoe very easy to use in any condition. The traction is more than sufficient, although there is a little float before the crampons bite in, certainly a lot more than something like the Denali which almost… Full review

Trek FTC

rated 4 of 5 stars After receipt, compared my new 9 x 30 snowshoes to my wife's series 1025 Atlas shoes, which I've used a couple of times on firm snow. I'm used to large wooden snowshoes, so trucking around on my wife's shoes seemed like flying and I had to have a modern pair for myself. Bought larger shoes than the wife's for more flotation on powder snow conditions. Side-by-side comparison of quality and features: Very similar. Seem like equal quality materials. Time will tell. Little Bear shoes stack up fine,… Full review

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