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Lowe Alpine Peak Attack ND 38

photo: Lowe Alpine Peak Attack ND 38 overnight pack (35-49l)


Price Historic Range: $100.00


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Very convenient, suitable for hiking and the climb after (say I hike in the Alps until I can climb, for both it's fine). Feel nothing when I need my arms. Very light, one does not feel it. No rain cover, but astonishingly no water comes in. Sufficiently spacious for multi-day hiking.


  • Light (weight)
  • Easy to wear
  • Simple — no functionality


  • 1 bag (only)
  • Not extendable (not: 38+10)

It's designed for women, so am I. It fit well to my back, even though the length is not adjustable (I am a small woman, 1.67cm). Hip-belt is fine, sufficient, other straps are easy to wear also (do not cut into my arms or hips).

Volume, yes, it's accurate (for me, I am a simple person). It's sufficient for a multi-day hike. However, it's a little annoying that it's not extendable (like many modern backpacks). Maybe that's good. On the other hand, there is no temptation to put more into the bag than indeed needed.

Easy to access—well, it depends on your organisation system. It's a top loader. I use it with several dry bags, and it's perfect.

It's very comfortable to wear, and very stable on my back. When hiking (in the Alps) that's rough, I want to focus on my hands (and the rock) only. I entirely forget usually, that this backpack is there — great.

Also, the fact (I noticed when wearing other backpacks) that I can "turn around" / "make a windmill with my arms" ... and it's so close to my back and so slim I don't touch it. I am always a little bit bothered by other backpacks .. twisting myself a little, there "is something," hmm.

Compression, it's possible to use the straps and compress it to a very slim backpack. However, I'm not sure where this idea might be useful. It's a small bag, anyhow. I am using the compression straps to add my poles. And I also like that they are both next to each other, not on one side like some other backpacks. I feel sort of in balance by having each at a side.

Well made, it's just great. Well, I only have Alpine Lowe products and I love them. However this backpack, it's great. It's so light (less than 1 kilo) and it feels like not existing on my back.

The back system it is sort of a hard rubber. First, I was annoyed since, as this is not a "fixed" frame like others, it used to make a wave in my back. It was not straight on my back when I did not load the backpack fully. However, later, I learnt to use the compression straps to adjust the size and eliminate this "wave."

It's a new model, having bought it this year and used for three months almost daily, two times a week a heavy hike (or climb) in the Alps, height of 2500m.

Source: bought it new


Welcome to Trailspace, B Ruth! Thanks for sharing a review of your Lowe Alpine pack with us. Do you have any pictures of it you could add in your review for others to see it firsthand?

4 years ago

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