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MacInnes-Peck Terrordactyl

MacInnes-Peck is no longer in business, and the Terrordactyl has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best ice tools for 2022.


Price Reviewers Paid: $55.00


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Ah... the MacInnes-Peck Terrordactyl.... another of my favorite tools. Came in both adze or hammer face. 

I opted for the hammer face as it was too short for cutting steps (had either a Chouinard Blue Shaft Composite or a Stubai Aschenbrenner, both with long shafts for such tedium).  A metal tool typically with original paint of silver or black.  Spike at the bottom of the shaft with a biner hole (or sling).

A nice steep angle to the pick of good hardness to the metal and high corrosion resistance. No rust after all these years (used, shelved, used....). One technique was worked out on how hard to drive it in the various conditions, was nice to use. Early on, a few knuckle busting days followed by time spent trying to free it again (did I say it had a good bite?).  Took some getting used to but, once sorted out you could climb with confidence.  Care must be given for those with mixed routes though. 

Unlike the Moljner or the Chacal, the tip you have is the one and only she has. This is not a changable tip and if you need to keep sharpening, will whittle it away. You will know when you have whittled too far. Broken or damaged knuckles are a sure tell tale sign. If you can't feel them, your partner will clearly see and inform you. All the blood dripped on the ice was yours.

Mixed climbs, were not a problem once technique was sorted out. Need is a good driving point from which many folks learn good technique (simply to survive). Fitting the tip in or doing it rock style worked for many folks. 

Have seen trend today for many folks just to wail their tools into cracks and climb on. Only problem there, if you need sharp tools to help some one injured... keep them sharp and don't abuse them. A Rescue service might be available but time it critically important. This tool will hold a good edge and hold in well. Has made a belay point more than once (did I mention the carabiner hole in the spike end). A tool that can make a climb successful and fun.

Another of the 30+ year test runs - passed with flying colours

MacInnes-Peck - Nice Quality and Durability - passed the test of time (post sore knuckle training)

Price Paid: $55 USD approx.

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