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Rabbit Hunter

rated 5 of 5 stars I tend to like going through non-traditional trails or breaking my own trails. These snowshoes go through brush and as they claim have reverse. These shoes allow you to back up without hanging up. Great floatation in powdery snow, lightweight, and have ice grips. Bindings are secure, durable, and easy in easy out, even with heavy mittens. See above, plus see YouTube videos for demo of these or go onto their web site. These are traditional snowshoes narrowed out and curved on both ends. This allows… Full review

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Maine Guide Snowshoes makes and sells tradtional white ash snowshoes, boot bindings for any laced snowshoe, and a variety of snowshoe furniture and home decor. Proceeds benefit free outdoor adventures for Veterans.


Maine Guide Snowshoes
823 Ridge Rd
Pleasant Ridge Plantation, ME 04920

phone: (207) 672-4011


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