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rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Sprint offers great flexibility for active winter enthusiasts. While touted as a liner, this glove can be worn alone for a variety of pursuits. The gloves are very durable, hold their shape when wet, and comfortable. I can hardly say enough about how much I like these gloves. I did buy these gloves before they were offered with the touch tips, so I cannot speak to that feature that is now offered with these gloves. My hands are not really an "off the shelf" size, but these glove fit well on… Full review

Chinook Windstopper Gloves

rated 3 of 5 stars I wish they resisted coming apart as well as they resist the cold. Remember the Gremlins movie that warned about bad things happening if you got the little rascals wet? That applies to these gloves.  Manzella makes these gloves by sandwiching a Gore-type membrane between two thin layers of soft fleece. The combination makes the gloves pretty warm without the bulk of your average ski-type gloves.  This membrane is the best and worst part of the gloves; it stops the wind very nicely but they also… Full review

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