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Marmot Gopher

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Gopher has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best 3-season down sleeping bags for 2023.

photo: Marmot Gopher 3-season down sleeping bag

The Marmot Gopher works very well, and it lasts a long time. It keeps you comfortable from 30+ degrees Fahrenheit. After awhile it starts to lose feathers, but not fast, just a few could stick out and eventually fall out.

It is great for backpacking because it stuffs very small and isn't too heavy. Overall I think the bag is a good choice for a warm cozy night.


  • Warm
  • Packs small


  • Loses feathers


The Marmot Gopher bag is very warm and comfortable at 30 degrees plus. It is warm everywhere and tightens on the hood to keep in the heat. The length of the bag is 6 feet 6 inches. The hood is puffy more or less depending on how far you tighten it. There is plenty of foot room so you could put gloves, or something in to keep them warm. It has lots of room. I'm 4'8", but my dad is 5'8" and if fits him great.

It is easy to get in the bag as long a you have it open all the way at the hood. Getting out is the same as coming in. Just open the hood. Usually the bag doesn't get damp. Depending on the moisture in the air it may get a little damp on top, but won't get wet on the inside.


It is a fantastic bag for backpacking. When stuffed it is about 15 inches long and 9 inches high. When unpacking it is stuffed very tight so it is very wrinkly, but when you get in it starts to puff out quickly. Its features work well and the bag stays nice. You wouldn't necessarily need a pillow since it is puffy when you tighten the hood, but it would still be nice.

I have had it for almost ten years and it still works great. I live in Minnesota so it has gone through cold weather and moistness, but it still works very well. I think the sleeping bag would be a great choice since it lasts a long time, doesn't get wet inside, stays warm, and is great for backpacking.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: don't know

This bag will probably be too hot for mostly just weekend campers unless you are in colder temperatures.


  • -30 degree bag—very warm
  • Compresses to 2 liter bottle size


  • Too warm for most
  • Pricey

I worked in an outdoor store in N.J. (mid '90s) and this bag and several other Marmot bags were the top of the line and because of the price tag ($500+) they sat hanging up on the rack for a while. Finally because of a discount, and they wanted to put new models up, I bought the bag. I believe I paid $300 for it.

It unpacks and really puffs up upon laying open.  I used it to go winter camping once and it kept me warm—very warm. Since it only got to maybe 20 degrees out I didn't experience the true temp rating. I was also in the National Guard and saw some cold weather and used this bag in the field, but the temps never really got what this bag is rated to.

As far as losing feathers is concerned, all down bags will lose some. I think maybe I lost 5 small plumes—that's it. It was also very good condensation wise, as it was made with Gore-Tex and that's important because down and wetness make for a cold wet time.

The mummy style was not confining at all, and Marmot makes high quality products which shows in this product! It came with the big Marmot cotton sack, a smaller stuff sack, and another sack. Too bad I sold it as I recently got back into winter camping.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $300 discounted

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