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Fast Find 210

rated 5 of 5 stars Being difficult to rate something I've never actually had to use, an excellent product for one that needs a long term insurance product that doesn't incur monthly billing. I have been in the market for a PLB for a VERY long time. Many companies (SPOT, DeLorme) have a recurring monthly bill for their services. I wasn't interested in a product that will cost THOUSANDS over the years, but needed something in case of the worst-case-scenario ever happened. I have been backpacking for 30 years, and decided… Full review

Fast Find 210

rated 5 of 5 stars I'm a graduate research assistant in civil and environmental engineering. After extensive research I feel that this beacon offers the best features for the cost and is very lightweight and I dont mind carrying it wherever I go. I have had this beacon for several months now and I have not had to use it, thankfully. But I have no doubts about this beacon reaching rescuers anywhere I'm at on the globe. This beacon can easily fit into a pocket and you can test the battery to make sure the charge is… Full review

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