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McNett Quick Fresh Odor Eliminator

The Quick Fresh Odor Eliminator has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best equipment cleaners/treatments for 2020.

photo: McNett Quick Fresh Odor Eliminator equipment cleaner/treatment
Vargo Outdoors says:
Quick FreshTM All Natural Odor Eliminator All Natural Odor Eliminator. Unique, all-natural deodorizing spray designed to be sprayed on clothing while it is being worn. Quick Fresh removes odor on contact without perfumes or masking scents. Use to remove smoke odors in rented cars, rooms, etc. Also excellent for spraying equipment in the field or at home. Use on clothing, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks and tents while camping. Hypoallergenic formula is safe for skin. Biodegradable and safe for clothing, footwear, and equipment. Quick Fresh Odor Eliminator for clothing and gear is a unique, all-natural deodorizing spray that removes odors on contact without perfumes or masking scents. Quick Fresh is ideal for use on clothing that will be worn repeatedly without washing. Use Quick Fresh at home or on travel or backpacking trips where showers and washing machines may be unavailable. Use Quick Fresh on clothing, rental cars, hotel bedding & pillows, hockey gear, gym bags, workout gear, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, tents or anywhere that odor is a problem. Freshens clothing without washing Unscented formula Ideal for campers, travelers & sports enthusiasts Removes tobacco and campfire smoke odors Removes pet odors from fabrics All natural ingredients, biodegradable


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