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Merrell M2 Superlight

rated 3.0 of 5 stars

The M2 Superlight has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2024.

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Simply impressive. Break-in time was minimal: I wore them to work for 5 days. Great for those procrastinaters. The first time out was a 7 mile day hike with 46 (count'em -4-6-) stream crossings. The Vibram outsole demonstrated tenacious grip on wet rocks and loose dirt/gravel, dry or wet. The sole is relatively stiff providing great protection and support on uneven ground; however, the shape of the outsole forces your feet to roll like running shoes. Even with such a stiff sole, not one blister. Padding is generous throughout and arch support is spectacular. Incredibly light but invincible, my feet feel like their riding in a M1 Abrahms crossed with a rally car. Waterproofing is good to the ankle; trust me. I intentionally dipped my foot ankle-deep in water for several seconds. The double tongue did its job keeping water out, and the factory DWR finish beaded water like a wax job on new Porsche. I've taken the boots on more 8-mile day hikes, and they have saved my ankles from several slips and twists.

A hot spot developed in my left heel due to debris entering from some major bushwacking. But that's not the boot's fault; gaiters would have prevented it. I have low volume/narrow feet. The Superlight was designed with medium to wide feet in mind. My feet move around just a little more than I would like during those high speed talus scrambles. The women's version might help for those with narrow/low volume feet (no one can tell unless they look inside the tongue). One last thing: These shoes are butt ugly.

Materials: leather
Use: rough trail/off trail
Break-in Period: almost none
Weight: 3 lbs
Price Paid: $150 US

I been reading through the reviews and finding alot of horror stories about these boots. My experience with them however has been ok. I first started wearing my pair of superlights on short day hikes in the Whites. They worked quite well for this purpose. They are light, sturdy, durable, and have a sole that is fairly stiff with real good traction.

However, one summer I took them to Mt. Whitney in Cali where we went up and down the mountain in one long day. When I took my boots off at the end of this 20 mile day I found that there wasn't much of anything left on the bone of my left heal. The people standing around me grimaced, I frowned, and the lady who ran the store at the bottom of the climb came running out with peroxide and bandages. It really was an awful thing to look at.

Despite this I am now quite fond of my M2. My skin has healed and now after three years my boots feel wonderful on my feet. So if you are willing to pay your dues you can't beat this boots combination of light weight and support. If you are going to cry about a couple blisters then you should save your money.

Materials: leather
Use: trail
Break-in Period: long time
Weight: light
Price Paid: $150

Hiya, I have owned a pair of Superlights since 2000 and they are still going strong. At first they were stiff and uncomfortable and I was a little bit dubious about them, but being a tightwad I was going to stick with it. I'm glad I did.

First thing I did was change the laces. The blue laces just weren't very good and didn't hold tight enough. I tried a number of different laces before settling on some round boot laces that are perfect. I have wide feet so these boots are perfect for me. To prevent blisters try this tip, walk a mile, stop and then retie your laces as tight as you like. Works for me.

Very waterproof, which is good, and warm in winter. Very good boots.

Use: Long hikes up steep mountains
Break-in Period: Quite long but stick with it
Price Paid: 45 english pounds

These are three week old boots. The feeling in the store was that, despite their apparent light weight, they seemed fairly stiff and rigid, with good ankle support. Out on the hills, it was different, with the feet rolling around in the boots on unstable ground and rock, offering not much more stability than a low cut hiker, and no matter how tight I pulled the laces. Doubling up on socks did not help. It's possible these boots might work for a wide/full volume foot.

On the plus side, extremely comfortable footbed, so walking on smooth trails was a pleasure. Also, the Vibram/Trek sole is incredibly grippy, even on wet rock.

Materials: Leather
Use: Light/Mid-Weight
Break-in Period: None
Price Paid: $100 on sale at EMS

I used these boots for a week-long hiking trip in Glacier Natl Park (great trails!). They broke in easily over a few days at the office and on treadmill. I did get a few blisters, but we had some pretty steep extended downhill sections that caused them.

Double-tongue design keeps the laces from choking your feet. Good grip on terrain. Waterproof leather kept my feet dry as long as stream doesn't come over top of boot. Fairly light for a full leather, durable boot. Ankle support adequate. Highly recommended.

Materials: leather
Use: steep but uncluttered trails w/ heavy pack
Break-in Period: 2 weeks
Weight: ~ 3lbs
Price Paid: $130

These felt and looked nice in the store. I have owned them now along with my girlfriend for over a year now.They dont break in and even wearing for a day in the city I get big heel blisters. DO NOT BUY THESE BOOTS!! I will never buy Merrell again.

Materials: Leather
Use: Mid-weight hiker
Break-in Period: FOREVER
Weight: ?
Price Paid: $150

I was trying a pair of these boots on in the store, and as i tightened up the laces, one of the grommets popped off completly. Needles to say, I decided against them.

Materials: Leather
Use: rough trail with moderate pack
Break-in Period: N/A
Weight: ?
Price Paid: $130

When I tried them on in the store they held my heel pretty good. But out on the trail a whole different story. I will never buy another pair of merrells again.

Materials: leather
Use: on/off trail: midweight pack
Break-in Period: 3 days
Price Paid: $150

I have owned these boots for over a year now and they really do not break in. Heel blisters are inevidable, i.e. wear super thick socks and bring mole skin.

Materials: Leather
Use: mid
Break-in Period: These shoes never break in.
Price Paid: $150

Bought these 6 yrs ago, they've completely fallen apart and I only use them in the winter for walking. The laces lasted longer. Absolute crap Merrell should be ashamed.

Materials: leather
Use: hiking/light backpacking
Break-in Period: none
Weight: around 3 lbs
Price Paid: $100

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