Merrell Moab Rover

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photo: Merrell Moab Rover trail shoe


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A reasonable shoe with some disappointing aspects.


  • Comfortable when new
  • Looked good when new
  • Durable except for lining


  • Premature wear of lining made shoes uncomfortable
  • Slip on wet surfaces
  • Leather appearance degraded quickly
  • Take a long time to dry


I have been wearing these most days for the last 18 months and they are now near the end of their useful life. Fit was OK when new and they are comfortable for everyday walking, though I prefer a boot for hiking.


Upper after 18 months wear.

P1000156.jpgSole after 18 months wear.


I bought them because I liked the leather appearance, but I found it quickly scuffed and discoloured so they looked old and worn after only a few months. 

P1000155.jpgClose up of scuffed leather.

In the wet

Mine are not designed to be waterproof. This is a big problem as the leather soaks up water and takes days to dry. They also have quite a tendency to slip on smooth wet surfaces but grip OK in the dry.

Quality of construction

Overall the quality is good as it should be for a shoe of this price. However, the lining is miserable and has worn through in many places making the shoes rub my feet and wearing out socks fast. The result is that the life of the shoe is dictated by the lining, not the sole or upper as is usually the case. I have tried to prolong the life of the shoe by gluing a patch over the worn bits of lining but don't know how long it will last.

P1000159.jpgWorn lining.

Overall: I would not buy these shoes again.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $AU 200


Thanks for the review, Ian. Two pairs of Moab Ventilators wore in the exact same spot. Did you add insoles? I'm not sure if that was the cause or not. I'm currently using/testing a pair of Moab Edge using only the factory insole. I want to see if the wear repeats itself.

3 years ago

Too bad about the shoes wearing out, Ian. You'd probably prefer a different shoe at this point, but Merrell does make a waterproof version:

3 years ago

Hi Goose. Yes, I did replace the original, thin, insoles but I doubt they could have been the cause. I do it in most of my shoes and boots but never had this problem before.

3 years ago

I know what you are saying. My first 2 pairs of the Moab Ventilators lasted a long time. The next 2 pair had the wear, but that's when I started using insoles. I thought I'd try without the insoles. Otherwise I would say it's cheapening materials to keep the price at the same level.

3 years ago

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