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Midland GXT1000VP4 2-Way Radios

photo: Midland GXT1000VP4 2-Way Radios radio


Price Current Retail: $70.00
Historic Range: $70.00-$89.95


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If you don't use a string in the hole, I'd always make sure to keep the device in a zipped pocket/water bottle holder to ensure you don't loose one (they are nice and compact to fit!), but otherwise 2 thumbs up on the quality and reception and rechargeable batteries! We will be bringing these radios on all of our trips and adventures!


  • Small, fits in hands.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Weather scanner.


  • Slightly cheap feeling plastic.
  • Not a larger hole to sling to make sure it doesn't fall off.

We recently brought our LXT600VP4 Two Way Radios on a trip to Mt. Shasta to use while hiking... but it turns out we used them the most where we did not have any cell service.  While it was a milder family vacation (no epic adventures), the radios came in most handy as "cell phones" for when anyone left the airbnb to go pick up food, go for a walk, split the group into 2, etc.   

Pros:  These are the clearest walkie-talkie radios I have ever used.  There was no foggy-ness or crackling, which made them a joy to use (versus getting frustrated with multiple "can you repeat that?").  While we never got 30 miles apart, they never lost reception or quality.  We also really enjoyed the weather scanner and the ability to choose from a ton of channels when in a popular area. I loved the fact that they have rechargeable batteries!!! It's a pain to always make sure you have batteries around, so it makes grabbing these radios an easier part of packing for your adventure.

Cons:   For our purposes (climbing, skiing or hiking), I did not find the ear pieces useful as they aren't hands free and you have to figure out how to run the wires to not limit your mobility. These radios also had a very small hole on the top of the clip to run a string through, but it would be nice to have this secondary connection point to the device itself rather than the piece that could potentially break off.

 Yes, I recommend this product.Size - fits nicely in your h


I've used the item 4-5 times since receiving it, and have had it for about 2 months.
I've used other radios on occasion, but was never satisfied with their reception.

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (Keep it)

Disclosure: The author of this review received a sample of the product from the brand or its representative in exchange for a review.

These “walkie talkie” and their headsets are wonderful.


  • Clear strong signal and NOAA Weather
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Easy to use after learning buttons
  • Great audio


  • Dual-function buttons can cause mistaken actions
  • Lack of a universal charging connector
  • Too many features complicate programming

As a member of another website, I sometimes get the opportunity to test out products in exchange for a review.

The transmit audio was robust and loud.

Whisper mode was interesting, as it really amplified quiet "whispered". 

I got over 8 hours of use on a full charge, and they seemed to charge pretty fast on the desk charger. My main (minor) complaint is that you have to use the charging base with the proprietary adapter plugs, either the wall or car. It would be nice if you could charge the radios directly with a micro USB so there is one less charger to pack. 

Some glaring advantages over other brands: (1) They cost less; and (2) Once you figure them out they are an absolute no-brainer to use. They have the simplest buttons and menu/interface plus the nicest large display characters of any of the inexpensive radios I know of. Mastering these units takes maybe 15 minutes reading the manual. ***Read the manual 

The radios are durable and well built. Not surprising, since Midland has some great commercial equipment.

Overall during several of my different tests audio reproduction was good and accurate, and they didn't clip anyone's speech. Use of whisper mode with a headset dramatically improved reception, as it increased microphone sensitivity as well as gain. When I tested in on the water with my friend the receive volume was good, except in the noisier areas (as we’re going full bore out to our fishing location), like one would expect. However, with the headset, this problem is eliminated.


Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (I kept the product after testing.)

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