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Midland LXT500VP3 Walkie Talkie

photo: Midland LXT500VP3 Walkie Talkie radio


Price MSRP: $39.99
Channels 22
Range 24 Mile Range
Dimensions 2.4' x 6.16' x 1.26' in


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Great for road trips.


  • Able to be charged with a regular plug outlet, or you can put in regular batteries
  • Louder, clearer transmission for longer distances than other models
  • Multiple channels possible


  • Casing is a bit less sturdy than the X-talker T20X4
  • Charge by plug-in doesn't last quite as long as with batteries, and the various buttons are a bit more complicated to figure out.
  • It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which is great, but it is a little tricky to install.



I got a set of these, as well as the  X-TALKER T20X4 Walkie Talkie Four Pack. I wasnt sure what would be best for different kinds of camping, or for use by my kids versus by me or by my older parents. I tested these under a variety of conditions, including in varied topography, heavy forest, on roads, and on water.

Overall, this radio set is defintiely more powerful, and clearer for a longer range generally. I didn't test them over a distance further than 6 miles, but it can do that over water, or down a river in a flat valley or along flat road. It can also do several miles in heavy vegetation, as long as the terrain is flat. Rougher terrain in the woods with hills, or on a river with steep hills and a lot of bends, it is reduced to a mile or two, unfortunately. But definitely good to use outdoors or on a road trip.

Given the longer clearer range, I would say this version would be preferable if planning to use on a road trip, especially if you have a plug-in adapter in your car.  


I have used a variety of walkie talkies. I would defintiely use this on a road trip because of the longer clearer transmission, but would use a different version camping with kids or on the water

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (keep)

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