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Midland X-TALKER T20X4

photo: Midland X-TALKER T20X4 radio


Price MSRP: $39.99


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Got these just in time for some family hiking trips. With five kids of varying ages and skill levels, we need some comms to keep us all in check and safe. Not to mention, cell phones were no use where we were.

Handled great. The range was good, although obviously limited sometimes by distance or rough terrain, trees, etc. I trusted them to kids from 3 on up, and all the radios survived intact.

These will be regular part of our packing list for all trips and outings. Not to mention the kids use them around the house to play soldier.


  • Easy to use
  • Rugged
  • Kid proof


  • The only things I would recommend would be stronger clips. If you lean over, they fall right off your waistband or pack straps. I would recommend a small piece of paracord attached to them to keep from losing them. We almost lost one in the river when it popped off.

Even dropping them onto rocks didn’t damage them. The battery cover popped off a couple times, but no damage.


Decades of experience with radios and comm devices of all types from both military, rescue, and Federal service.

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (Keep)

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