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Mile High Mountaineering Flatiron 42

photo: Mile High Mountaineering Flatiron 42 overnight pack (35-49l)


Price MSRP: $249.00
Reviewers Paid: $118.00
Volume 42 L / 2563 cu in
Weight 4.5 lb (complete) / 3.9 lb (removable parts removed)
Fits Torso 16-23 in
Fits Waist 29-40 in


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The Salute version was an outstanding daypack and I wanted to try the Flatiron 42, and I am happy to report it didn’t fail me. With so many ways to configure it you should not have any problems to meet your needs or requirements in the great outdoors.


  • Configure ability
  • Very comfortable on your back
  • Easy access to gear


  • Instruction
  • Weight
  • Internal hydration holder

I was looking for a backpack around 40 to 50 liters for overnights and up to three days. I know with 42 liters of space I would need compression bags and possible have to change my normal load. I have been looking at this pack and waited almost three months before I got it, it went on sale with 50% off. 

I also looked at the Osprey Atom and Deuter ACT but wanted something different. When looking for a new pack I had few requirements, it must carry at least 4 liters, and still have room for my sleep system with food. This pack works for me. The review is my opinion only, and not an expert, which I am not.



The first thing I noticed was how you can adjust the harness to fix exactly your torso length, not inches but ½ inches or closer if you spend the time to learn. The adjustment of your harness could be a problem. The following are pictures that show how to adjust.





The second was that the hip belt can be adjusted for your body curve. I know this may sound strange, but the bottom of the hip pockets are Velcro which you lift up and will find three adjustable straps, two for hip, and one for movement side to side. 

The first time I used them I was sold. It made a big difference the way the pack fits. Also there are two hip pockets on each side, one zipper and the other stretch, which a Clif bar can fit in very easily. The only problem that other users may have is, it is made for a maximum waist size of 40 inch. You maybe could get away with 41, but not sure.



The pack has a zipper on the side, which goes down about ¾ of the way. I didn’t understand why it didn’t go all the way until I put my sleeping bag in for the first time. It stops right at that point. I know not every sleeping bag will work this way, but some thought was place in this design.

This also brings up the point that because of the size of the pack you will need to use compression sacks. MHM makes 16-liter sacks which works perfect for their series of packs and if you buy this pack you should also get two 16-liter sacks.



The pack has two tool attachment points which stow in its own pockets, and when needed you can deploy it, or keep them in their pocket, which I like because I do bushwalking a lot and this prevents snagging. With tool attachment points you will have two more attachment points for straps on the back of the pack, or use their Champ 24 pack if you want. I see a pattern that they want you to buy add-ons if you need them, which is not necessary, but very helpful to get the max. out of the pack.



This is the same for bottom straps, which have two ways to carry your tent, sleeping pad, or whatever. You can set it up for under the pack or in front so when you set pack down it will stay in that position.

The top of the pack has top and bottom compartments, with a third under the top which is waterproof. It is removable and you can use it as small pack or just leave it off if not needed or if weight is a concern. 



I use the Hubba Hubba in one sack with ground cover, and the other has my sleeping gear and extras needed for my trips. The poles fit inside the pack with no problems. The hydration carrier inside the pack is a little small, but I keep smart water bottles on the outside holders, you can get 1 or 1.5 liter bottles with no problems, also you can carry 2 one liter bottles on both sides. 

The front has large zipper pocket, which I keep my rain gear. I have no information about how much weight this pack will hold, but I feel 30 to 40 pounds is not a problem. Very little information can be found about this pack, one person claims he carried 60 pounds in Alaska. I believe you're pushing your luck at this point, but it is a very strong pack. 



Over all I am very happy with this pack. It has meet all my requirements and more, for overnights and up to three days it works for me as a 3-season pack. The following pictures show how water runs off, and I put two bottles of water that were chilled for over two hours and it never went through the pack, only the bottle holders got wet. 





You have to be careful if you choose this pack, because of weight and size. It was a learning curve for me, but I am very satisfied. They still have issues with instructions, but they are updating and will have more information soon. Also the bladder compartment for me seems a little small, but I use this for storage. I prefer bottles. And I could see a few threads that came out and/or factory problem. This had no effect on the pack.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $118


Great review with helpful pictures, Mike! How long have you been using your Flatiron 42?

7 years ago

Nice review, Mike. With no MHM dealers in my area, I've never seen these packs, so your photos are much appreciated.

7 years ago
Oldman Mike

I have been using it for a few months; it took me a while to get my load correct for my needs, the thing that change everything was the compression sacks. I used it for 2 over nights and plan to use it for 3 days and 2 nights. I still in my test phase of this pack, and will up date in a few more months. If you look above the 2 bottles you'll see were a stick try to look in the pack, just a little mark., it is very strong.

7 years ago

Nice review, Mike! Love the pics!

7 years ago

I agree, great pictures, especially since many people can't see this brand in person.

7 years ago
Oldman Mike

I take pics only on the trail, it does no good for anyone to see it at my house unless I am just trying to understand. I'm still playing around now with my load, but my main objective is to get on the trail and stay there. Thank you

7 years ago

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