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Millet On The Rock 42L

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The On The Rock 42L has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best overnight packs for 2023.

Backpack Review
Manufacturer: Millet
Model: On The Rock 42L
Suggested use: Daypack/Summit
Rated volume (Manufacturer): 2563 ci.
Volume (As tested): 2685 ci.
Weight (Manufacturer): Unknown
Weight (As tested): 2 lb. 7 oz.
Height unextended: 25 inches
Height extended: N/A
Access: Top

Note: Volume includes all pockets, lid, and main pack compartment(s) extended. Volume is measured by filling all compartments with measured amounts of water. Weight is complete pack as shipped from the manufacturer. Height is measured with the pack stuffed as full as possible while still being able to fully close all draw cords, zippers etc.

Construction features: The pack is constructed of Cordura with a heavy waterproof coating. The contoured shoulder straps are sewn to the pack, and are approx. 5/8” thick by 2-1/4” wide. The shoulder straps are covered on the outside by the same Cordura pack material and on the inside by small weave nylon netting which provides a good grip on your shoulders. The waistband is not padded, just a double layer of packcloth which is approx. 4-1/2 inches at the back and 1-1/2 inches at the front.

Nylon strapping is medium weight but more than adequate for the pack. The waistband is1-1/2 inches wide, nylon with a quick release buckle. The side pocket zipper is YKK and the rest of the buckles are nylon. Stitching is 8 per inch and very tidy. No pinholes of light were seen when held to a strong light.

Suspension: This pack has a 3/16” foam back sheet which is very stiff, and removable. Although the shoulder straps are not adjustable, they do have load lifter straps which help snug down the pack. The sternum strap has a quick release nylon buckle. The waistband is very lightweight but serves well in keeping the pack from moving around. There well padded back cushions running up the length of the back and a good lumbar pad which stays put and does not slip. The backpads and lumbar pad are covered with a nylon mesh.

Fitting: This pack feels fine at 20-25 lbs. for me. I found the load lifters did more to bring the pack into my back than lift the load which was fine given the light pack weight. The sternum strap can be positioned up and down the shoulder pads for the right fit there. The flexible backpad gave the little ridgedness needed for a light load and cushioned against odd shaped objects in the pack. Air circulation is good between the back pads.

Amenities: The pack has a 3/16” round nylon encased elastic cord which snakes around the front of the pack as well as through the top access. This serves as the closing device for the top and the compression device for the pack body. There are two metal hooks on each side of the pack to stretch the elastic cord to once its stuffed and it works very well to snug down the load. On one side of the pack is a 6”x10” flat pocket good for maps or other slim items. On the other side is a 6”x10” nylon mesh pocket good for a water bottle. This is a two pocket pack, the main compartment and the small flat side pocket. Well thats if you don’t count the two small pockets contained in the waistband. On top of each side of the waistband is a 7” long YKK zipper which when opened provides storage for your altimeter, snacks, bandanna, whatever. Very handy, all packs should have this great idea in the belt. The lid closes with a single 1-1/2” nylon strap down the middle of the pack which runs the full height and aids in compression.

Praise: The small stash pockets in the waistbelt are super. The pack carries like a dream with such a light load; stays put and does not flop around. Air circulation is great up the back. Head movement is unrestricted. The backpad does a good job stiffening up the pack, and you can remove it for a seat in the field!!

Punishment: I think the load lifter straps could have been sewn up a little higher in order to lift the pack better. Although the pack is designed for light loads, a wider nylon strap might be better on the waist band. The top entry is also hampered a little by the elastic closing band, but this is minor.

Final verdict: This is a very well made small pack, for light loads. Perfect for skiing, day hikes with minimal gear or my favorite, hit and run fishing trips.

Size: 2563 ci.

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