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MKM Tasman Dual Layer Jersey

photo: MKM Tasman Dual Layer Jersey fleece jacket


Materials Pure wool outer / 65% Wool, 25% Eco-possum, 10% Nylon Lining
Origin Made in New Zealand at Palmerston Noth


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It's a sweater, not a jacket, but didn't have that option.


  • Warm
  • Water resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Durable wool and possum
  • Breathable


  • None

I'm not sure how I came across MKM (Manawatu Knitting Mills), a New Zealand brand, but I'm glad I did! I bought the Tasman which is part of their 36.6 collection—that being ideal body temp in degrees Celsius.

The outer layer is a thick, tight knit wool that does a good job blocking wind and shedding water. The inner layer is possum wool, which is very warm and very durable. It's a unique design that really works to keep you warm! See more here: tasman-dual-layer-wool-poss-36-6-jersey-mkm-originals.html 

During a visit to the Natural History Museum in Melbourne, we saw possum clothing that quite literally lasted the lifetime of the owner. I've been out in some pretty severe weather on late season hunts wearing the Tasman over a base layer and wool shirt and have been plenty warm.

It is also breathable so there's now worry about wetting out the garment, which makes it great for nordic skiing and snowshoeing. Or just taking the dog for a walk and doing chores outside when it's cold. It's just fine in a light snow or rain and so no need to add a shell. 

I would suggest a careful read of the sizing information and also take the time to measure in cm. These are well-made garments and, as it says, they will stretch a little to conform to your body. Mine is a bit large but intended to wear over a layer or two. I found out that most of the time, I don't need the layers because this is a very warm sweater. 

If you have reservations about ordering from NZ, I can tell you from experience that shipping has proven quick and reliable. And, depending on the amount, often free. NZ Natural has been great to work with and if you email a question, they answer within a day...just remember they are 14-16 hours ahead of North America.




I own several wool garments from Pendleton, Swanndri and MKM. The MKMs have quickly become my favorite.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $135


Thanks for bringing a different brand to our attention, Bob. Now you have me researching possum wool...

17 days ago
Jake W

Im also intrigued. And the price is very reasonable for a wool garment!

15 days ago

Maybe the best benefit is that the possum is an invasive, introduced species in NZ and they cause a lot of harm to the native wildlife (birds and vegetation). Getting rid of them and using their wool is a win-win! Nice review.

13 days ago

True. For anyone who cares, below is what MKM says about possum wool. This was interesting to learn, especially as our North American possum is beneficial for eating thousands of ticks.

"The brushtail possum was introduced to New Zealand in the 1850s and is now wreaking havoc on our natural wildlife and native forest.The need to control the number of possums to protect our native flora and fauna saw the development of a specialised natural fibre.By incorporating New Zealand Merino wool and Possum fur, we have created a unique high-quality yarn that has proven to be popular with New Zealanders, visitors and knitwear companies around the world."

13 days ago

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