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Montrail Moraine Classic

rated 3.0 of 5 stars

The Moraine Classic has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2024.

After a year of challenging these boots (i got them for ridiculously cheap), it's time to retire them. Not because they perform poorly, but simply cause my feet have grown.

Support and waterproofness are top-notch, i had to seam-seal with silicone though. I've had many problems with a peeling rand (somewhere, a section of midsole will peel off every 50 miles) and that has been rather frustrating, but water has never leaked in and comfort has been great. The top of the toe box has seen a lot of wear, but this is probably my fault.

Use: off trail, mountainous terrain for search and rescue (seems planes'll never crash within 20 miles of a trail or road...all in a day's work though). These've lasted for close to 1000 miles. recommended, but i haven't tested out the new AT models. my next boots will be either the Scarpa SL or Cabela's GTX mountain hikers.

Materials: nubuck leather
Use: rough/off trail with 30-50 lbs pack
Break-in Period: 20 miles
Weight: 3lb+
Price Paid: $80

super comfy straight out of the box. wore them for three months of hiking in new zealand. only after the first month did they start to fall apart. the sole has delammed twice on the toes, and now water is starting to come in from the bottom of the shoe. the vibram soles are pretty well worn thin as well, the shoes look like they are about 4 years old, when they are only 5 months old. maybe you'll have better luck with the moraine at's, but i wouldnt recommend the classics.

Materials: leather
Use: general tramping
Break-in Period: 5 miles
Weight: 4 lbs pair
Price Paid: $200

Quite a wide array of reviews for this boot so I thought I would add my experience. Never had any problems with the quality of the boot, very durable (held up well over 200 miles in the Organ Mtns of NM). Takes me a bit of effort to get them laced up just right, if not my left foot gets to tingling. They have good traction even when scrambling on loose rock. Hope this helps. See ya at the trailhead.

Materials: Leather
Use: Rough trail
Break-in Period: About 2 weeks
Weight: 3lbs +
Price Paid: $180

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