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Moonstone 800 Liberty Ridge

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Moonstone is no longer in business, and the 800 Liberty Ridge has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best cold weather down sleeping bags for 2024.

photo: Moonstone 800 Liberty Ridge cold weather down sleeping bag

Bought in 1996, used for every camping trip since. Never been cold, most times didn't even zip it up to full mummy, just laid it atop me. Luxurious. Best purchase of anything, ever. 850 lb. goose down with a Gore shell. I can't imagine it being any better.


  • Total warmth
  • Lightweight
  • 850 fill power goose down w/Gore shell
  • Lining is like a high end set of sheets
  • And I'm short (under 5'2"), which means the toe box is distant for me but perfect for my dog to curl up.


  • It's hard to fit in the stuff sack because it's so puffy
  • And without a dog to fill the toebox and me being just under 5'2", it's long.

As a 40-year-old new-to-camping novice, I had experiences of being out with sleeping bags that did not keep me warm, even with a space blanket inserted.  Much panic and loss of sleep ensued.

I purchased this bag for an intended Alaska backpacking trip that got cancelled when my job downsized me. But I never regretted going high-end with this purchase (@$420).

Warmth with no weight. No cold spots. With the Gore shell, moisture wicks out and I'm always dry. It's like magic.

I've camped in 10-degree weather and barely needed to zip it up to full mummy to stay warm. I have complete confidence in it to keep me warm, no matter what the weather.

I've now used it for 25+ years and there's nothing wrong with it—no malfunctions, rips, tears, snags, holes. Occasionally a feather or two works its way out, but that's rare.

Reliable, durable, and a snazzy turquoise color that always makes me smile. This is the most luxurious thing I've ever purchased, and I've never regretted it. 


Had it 25+ years. Average two camping trips a year, usually to national parks with mountains and temps anywhere from 10-85 degrees. Second bag I've owned, first I've bought for myself. I told the store, I'm too old to go with halfway measures. I don't want it to be 5 years from now and I'm thinking, "Dang, I shoulda bought a..." I bought for the rest of my life, and at 72, I still use it—now for car camping instead of backpacking. Love it.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $420, with two store discounts (list @ $465)


This is a warm bag. I have used it even it the winter time. One cold winter with the wind blowing I cuddled up in it and sat in a lawn chair all night. The next morning I had frost on the bag but I was warm inside. (sleeping pad, fleece blanket used) I have slept in it on hoar frosted ground with a sleeping pad and stayed comfortable in it. I had a coat on.


This is a very noisy bag because of having nylon in the head area. When my ears slide on the nylon it makes plenty of noise. It would be nice to have a flannel head section on the inside. Another thing that bothers me is the zipper. It seems to always be snagging on the nylon when using it. Lastly because down compresses when it is laid on, a pad is necessary for proper insulation underneath. I once used this bag on a summer night that never got below the fifties. I did not use a pad and I was a little chilled all night. the cold came up through the ground.


I would not trade this bag in for anything.

Price Paid: $350

Good cold weather bag. It has worked well for me down to about zero degrees. Also kept me warm at Camp Muir this May. Sadly I have not been up the other side of Mt. Rainier for which the bag gets its name.

Anyways I am 5'9" and weigh 175 and the bag has plenty of room for me. It cinches down well in multiple places and thanks to the exterior fabric it stays dry. I like the watch pocket too.

People always bitch about how down gets wet and stays wet, but I live in the Northwest and have yet to get a sleeping bag wet. And because down compacts better and is lighter I like it more than synthetic fills.

I give this bag 4/5 because it is not exceptional, but it does its job well.

Design: mummy
Fill: 800 fill down
Temperature Rating: 0 or -5 Farenheight depending on who you ask
Weight: not much
Price Paid: $230

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Price Historic Range: $259.95-$455.00
Reviewers Paid: $230.00-$420.00

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