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Morakniv Classic 2

photo: Morakniv Classic 2 fixed-blade knife


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Reviewers Paid: $15.00


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Just a great knife overall!


  • Quality
  • Price
  • Versatility


  • Sheath

Basically...if I think I might be building a fire...I bring this splits small logs and makes feather sticks with ease...but the knife excels in many other areas beyond wood-processing and fire-making....making it a very versatile tool in a relatively lightweight is probably my favorite knife overall.

The knife is a little large for backpacking in my opinion...but this is because I do not commonly build fires when backpacking (though the knife is light and versatile enough to consider taking...I have never really needed more than the "keychain" size Swiss Army knife while backpacking). That is...I like to spend as much time as possible walking when backpacking...and so I tend to keep camp activities to a streamlined minimum. On the other hand...kayaking and canoeing trips tend to be more leisurely activity...and where I commonly bring others an evening fire sets a relaxing mood and makes great entertainment.

The blade of the Mora II is made of high-carbon it holds an edge well....and the Scandi-grind is a snap to sharpen. Probably the knife's best aspect is its combination of blade size and shape...which makes is equally suitable for processing wood as it is for food preparation..which in combination with the light weight and low price make the Mora II one of the best knives I have ever owned.

If I had a would be that the plastic sheath that comes with the knife is not particularly useful. It is not an absolutely terrible sheath...but I wish it was smaller and had a "scout" carrying option so that I could carry the knife in the small of my back...but really...this is not much of a complaint...and with all fixed-blade knives I expect to be annoyed a little when carrying it.

Seriously...if you want a little more knife than a "keychain" size Swiss Army knife that is durable+versatile+affordable...give the Mora II a serious look!


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $15


Nice review, Bill. Thanks for sharing it on Trailspace.

6 years ago
Joseph Renow

Alicia...did you know you call me Bill in this review :-)

4 years ago

Ha ha! That's really odd. I swear I can tell you apart. Nice review, Joseph!

4 years ago

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