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Moss Tents Hooped Outland

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

Moss Tents is no longer in business, and the Hooped Outland has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best four-season tents for 2021.

photo: Moss Tents Hooped Outland four-season tent


Price Reviewers Paid: $300.00-$320.00


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Used this model for 24 years, still waterproof, still holds up to 70 mph winds and heavy snow loads. No tent made these days will be holding up so well when it's even 10 years old! My other Moss tent has the same reputation.


  • Strong, durable, solid
  • Good ventilation options
  • Can actually fit one small and one average size person in it for lightweight alpine pushes


  • Compared to newer tents, it is a bit heavy. I'd rather buy one tent for 24 years of climbing than four "less well made, therefore less reliable" tents in the same duration! Rather spend my money on travel.

Why review a tent that's no longer made? Because it sold for $300 back in its day and has sold as "used in good condition" on ebay two years ago for  $800.  People use sites like this to research used gear that is for sale, hence the reason why I put in this review. 

This tent can ventilate well in any humidity level—coastal, alpine, tropical, or arctic–due to wall-fly design (yep, it's been there with me through it all) and this does not include the option to remove the fly.

The fly drops down far enough to prevent heavy rain from bouncing off the ground and hitting the body wall, but not so far down towards the ground that it affects ventilation with heavy snowfall collecting around the tent. (My single-wall Bibler is only a few ounces lighter and we have to bring extra weight in rags to wipe the walls to remain dry inside during long trips. Tired of getting up in the night to wipe walls.)

To those of us who have been around awhile and in the tent retail market, we know that single wall tents were made for only specific temperatures/applications and only a small percentage of people actually needed that type of tent.

BUT, marketers learned quick that the "light weight" simple single-wall design was a great way to sell more tents, and folks fell for it! If you think a 5+ lb bomb shelter is heavy, then leave your ipod, ipad, solar panels, cell phone at home or get to the gym more often so that the weight doesn't seem soooo overbearing.

I'm 5 ft 2 in. tall and 125 lbs and carried this tent soloing peaks around the world for over 20 years. LIGHT is NOT always right!!!


The owner of Moss was very meticulous about his products. Bill Moss and employees took pride in their work. We miss you and miss the quality and customer service that we had back then. I'm sorry for the new generation of outdoor enthusiast, for they are not getting to experience the level of workmanship and integrity with manufacturing and marketing of outdoor products like our generation did.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $320


Welcome to Trailspace, Amanda! Thanks for sharing a review of your excellent Moss tent. If you have any pictures of your tent, I'm sure others would love to see it in your review too. Thanks!

1 month ago

I have the Hooped Outland version. The vestibule has a separate pole and is great. It is tight to get in/out of for me (6'2") but it is bomb proof and long enough that my bag does not press against the tent walls. I got the tent down to 5 lb 10 oz lbs with Ti stakes and no ground cloth. Great for high altitude backpacking.


  • All weather (but never had in snow)
  • Fits tall people
  • Nice color combination
  • Stay warm inside in freezing outside temps
  • Vestibule to keep everything covered at night and away from animals
  • Full cloth interior keeps fly condensation from dripping inside


  • It is on the heavy side. TarpTents has something close that weighs 24 oz!

I have the Hooped Outland version. The vestibule has a separate pole and is great. It is tight to get in/out of for me (6'2"), but it is bomb proof and long enough that my sleeping bag does not press against the tent walls.

The tent weighs 5 lb 10 oz lbs with mostly Ti stakes (two MSR stakes for the vestibule).

Used in CO/WY/UT, can handle any weather. Can set up fairly fast, and is very stable in wind and rain proof. Though in Zion NP in the summer (~100°F during the day) I remove the fly at night!

The seam taping is starting to go after 15 yrs, but all else is good. No condensation issues because of the 100% fabric inside (all mesh can be be closed with fabric). Couple handy storage pockets.

Have been looking for a lighter tent with all the same features, but have not found one yet.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $300


Welcome to Trailspace, Bob! Thanks for reviewing your well-tested tent. Do you have any pictures you could add for us to see?

4 years ago

Welcome to Trailspace, Bob! It's nice to hear about a Moss tent still in use out there. I'd also love to see some pictures of yours.

4 years ago

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