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Moss Tents Outlook

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Moss Tents is no longer in business, and the Outlook has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best three-season tents for 2023.

Great one-person tent for all but heavy winter camping. Have used it down into the 20's with no problem. Roomy for one, can sit up and get dressed/undressed inside. Non-hooped vestibule good only for leaving wet or muddy boots outside tent body. I am 6 foot, 220 lbs, and don't feel cramped. Shorter tent pole sections make it easier to pack in small spaces. Have about 75 nights in this one and still works well.


  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful from inside and outside
  • Roomy for one person and some extra gear


  • One of the zipper pulls is no longer completely meshing zipper teeth. The other zipper pull still works fine so I just zip and unzip from the other side.
  • The door when open folds down and has picked up some dirt in the zipper over the years and this must be what is wrong with the zipper pull. No big deal to replace the zipper pull, but don't need to yet.

Bought this used of Craigslist for $200 ten or more years ago in very good condition. Have used it beach camping in Puerto Rico to light winter camping in Adirondacks and every where in between.

Great ventilation due to mesh ends and side panels, but definitely retains some warmth down into the 20's. Tent is probably 30 years old and other than some squashed mosquito stains remains fully waterproof and pleasing to the eye.

Like that I can get dressed inside tent, have room for some extra gear inside, and not be claustrophobic. Have a Walrus Micro Swift that weighs much less but must crawl into it feet first, no possibility of turning around inside it, and is very claustrophobic!

The Moss Outlook is my go-to tent for 95% of my tent use. Also own the mentioned Walrus micro swift for lighter carrying, a Moss Olympic for couples use, and a Moss Stardome for winter use.

Tent was getting a little sticky and stinky from old waterproofing, so washed it with Nikwax tent wash and now no longer sticky, stinky, and probably renewed the waterproofing. I don't see any reason it won't last another 30 years with about 20 nights use per year.


Have other Moss tents, several Eurekas for car camping, a Walrus Micro Swift for micro camping, hammocks and tarps for stealth camping. I like my own space so the Outlook gets the most use. Got a deal on a Netting Outland, but it is a little smaller and my full size Therm-a-Rest pushes against the ends.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $200

I've been using this tent for two years and love it. The quality of the materials and construction are top notch. I lived in the tent for three months in the Rockies and was exposed to all kinds of weather. Gale winds, pouring rain, hail, snow, you name it the Moss took it. I don't think the tent is full 4-season. Moss considers it a light 4-season tent, which suffices for what I need it for.

The only complaint I have is the size of the vestibule. It isn't quite large enough to put a pack in, but it will handle boots and other smaller gear. Even with the rainfly the ventilation in the tent is good. With the rainfly off, you get plenty of ventilation along with a nice view of the sky, thanks to the two long mesh panels running along the length of the tent (hence, OUTLOOK).

I also purchased the Moss Tentwing. The Tentwing definitely makes up for the loss of vestibule space and provides a place to relax if it's raining or some shade if the sun is beating down.

If you are looking for a more formidable 4 season tent I can recommend the Moss Stardome II. The hooped vestibule adds alot of gear storing room. But if you are looking for a lightweight, tough, and dependable tent look no further than the outlook.

Design: 3-4 SEASON
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: EASY
Weight: 7 LB.
Price Paid: $440


- excellent quality, usual high standards for Moss with great waterproofing. Haven't been wet yet, although I have yet to experience an all day downpour in it.

- upper mesh allows more ventilation, views without fly

- door opens to side (most Moss tents open towards floor, which requires a little more care in keeping it clean.)

- floor plan is excellent for a solo tall hiker...I am 6'3" and sleep comfortably between the end points with room for the pack to spare.

- lightweight aluminum poles (7075) fold to a nice short length...easier to pack.

- storage bag is a bit oversized, making it much easier to pack.


- sleeved poles of varying length require a bit more setup time; they improved on this with the Triton by making the sleeves continuous and all poles the same length. (It would be nice if they made sleeves continuous on earlier models.)

- vestibule needs to be bigger if squeezing two inside.

- on the heavy side for solo hiking options.

Design: 3 season modified dome
Sleeps: 1-2
Ease of Setup: moderate - full coverage sleeves require more time than clips
Weight: 6 lbs, 12 oz.
Price Paid: $400

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