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MSR Big Titan Kettle

photo: MSR Big Titan Kettle kettle


Price Current Retail: $99.95
Historic Range: $99.95
Reviewers Paid: $79.95


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Nice big pot...but flawed.


  • Lightweight


  • Drips when pouring water
  • Handle will not stay up

When I spend $80 on a pot I expect it to do everything perfect. I will say that I am a fan of MSR and have their stainless steel pots and really like them. But the Big Titan Kettle had one BIG flaw in my opinion.

First, why did I buy the Big Titan? I wanted a water boiler...that's it. I wanted to be able to boil large amounts of water, which it of course does. It is the quality you'd expect from MSR except that it drips so much when you pour.

If you really concentrate, like the guy pouring nitro in old westerns, then the dripping is minimal. However, I do not want to have to concentrate and "be careful" when doing something as simple as pouring water. This may seem petty to bitch about dripping water, but in the field water is precious and everything has to be filtered. 

Second, the little handle on the lid is a joke. It does not stand up well at all. I had to wrap it with self sealing silicone tape and create a little ball in order to pick up up from the hot lid. 

I will say that I have an MSR stainless steel tea pot and it too drips, so it may just be the method of making the spout. I think that a Keith Titanium pot would not have this problem, as it has a tube type spout. But I am not going to spend over $100 dollars to get it.

I stated early on that I use this pot for boiling water, and that I use stainless steel too. The stainless steel is for cooking as I hate using titanium for that. It is just too easy to burn food.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $79.95 from Outdoor Play (no returns)


Thanks for the review, Snakey. If you have some pictures of your kettle and its spout and lid, those would be helpful to see in your review.

4 years ago

I actually have the same issue with my regular titan kettle. It is definitely an annoyance. It is a great product, but i have come close to getting hot water on my leg when i first used it.

4 years ago

It would be great if you shared a review of your titan kettle too, Ron, to make others aware of that issue.

4 years ago
Nick Mesarhakis

The dripping issue becomes more apparent as the opening enlarges so in a big kettle like this innevitable. Also the capacity is two litters.

4 years ago

Anyone know of a silicone pour spout...a lip of sorts?

4 years ago

@snakey: An amount of a product called Sugru will allow one to make such a spout.

4 years ago

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