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MSR BlackLite Gourmet Cookset

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The BlackLite Gourmet Cookset has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best pots and pans for 2023.

photo: MSR BlackLite Gourmet Cookset pot/pan

For one person this is definitely beyond need of the minimalist but awesome for the "Gourmet Camp Cooker" for one or more people.  So take them all or only some.

I really like how this cookset came with pot padding/wash cloths between the pots and also a nice pouch for the metal grabber all stored in a mesh nylon draw string storage bag.

Other likes are,

  • ribbed bases, that help prevent sliding.
  • black anodizing, looks good.
  • multi fit lid and the fry pan fits as a lid on the largest pot.
  • no plastic parts that could melt or go soft due to heat or flames.
  • lightweight.
  • the ability to take on one pot or one pot and fry pan or lid or two pots & pan & lid etc.....
  • non-stick interior
  • I store stove, cup, spork and bowl inside.


The only change that I have made (suggest) is to smooth the inside edges of the grabber, with super fine sand paper (wet/dry) 600+ and polish to smooth.  So as to reduce and or stop the tiny breaks in the non-stick from the inside sharp edges of the grabber.

Yes, I do recommend to buy these and would buy again.

Yeah, the Blacklite is nice but I am about to sand the Teflon off. It's been chipping off since I got the set.

It cooks evenly enough and I have no issues with burned food. I am not a big fan of the lid; it doesn't fit as tight as I'd like it, especially since it just sits on the top. Also, the lid has a flip-up tab and that's how you lift it up. Steam normally comes up and gets my hand. I understand that might be a little picky, but it's my opinion.

The pots must also be lifted with a separate lifter (additional weight.) The entire set seems a little too bulky that I'd like. I have since switched to a Snowpeak titanium set, giving up some even heat distribution for a much more efficient and lighter design.

Price Paid: $50

Teflon chips a bit where the pot grips connect with the outside of the pot, but it barely chips at all for me. i find this set excellent for preparing meals which require more than boiling water, and due to the size of the kit, you can choose between your pot(s) or pan depending on what you plan or preparing. Just boiling water? leave this set at home and go with a kettle.

After two trips I have noticed that the nonstick coating is starting to peel off of the big pot. Also it is not very non stick in the first place. Have bad problems with pancakes sticking in the frypan. On a positive note the cook set heats up rather quickly.

Price Paid: $50

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Price Historic Range: $35.95-$59.95
Reviewers Paid: $50.00

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