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MSR Denali Evo

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The Denali Evo has been discontinued. It was replaced by the MSR Evo Trail.

photo: MSR Denali Evo hiking snowshoe

I have owned and used the MSR Denali Evo for one season and although it is an easy system to use I did have issues about the integrity of the rubber straps. These issues arose after using the snowshoes in -30 weather along the eastern shoreline of Lake Superior. On an approach to one of the local ice climbs a river crossing was necessary and we crossed at one of the deepest points where there would be no rapids. Well, I broke through the ice with one snowshoe and it was swept off my boot and downstream (under the ice). Suffice it to say that was the last I saw of it.

To the credit of Cascade Designs I got a good deal on a replacement snowshoe after phoning in the problem, but I wished the rubber straps had been more supple during my trip. The snowshoes were intermittently coming off and it wasn't until I really dialed in the straps with the remaining snowshoe that I appreciated how important it was to get a perfect "fit" with the straps.

The shoes are not as easy to use as the Atlas climbers but the ascent bar really helps with climbing approaches and the Evo tails make it really versatile.

Price Paid: $285 CDN

Do you feel like Frankenstein while walking in snowshoes?? Are you always hitting you shoes together as you step? Do you wish for a snowshoe with the flexibility to walk on packed trails or deep snow? If yes, then buy these great shoes:

The MSR name stand for quality, dependability, and durability. Buying a product from them means you are well taken care of. These shoes have a slight taper to the back. This helps to walk normal without banging them against each other. They binding system is a little weird at first but once you get it down you can tell how well you can fine tune your shoes for ultimate comfort on the trail.

They fit a large array of footwear. From hiking boots to snowboarding boots. The main crampon really bit into ice and hard snow and the rear rails keep you from sliding. I love the 6” extensions. I hike many packed down trails but sometimes I get there first after a big storm, throw on the tails, and away I go. They are great when I carry a pack too.

Price Paid: $105

well, after being on Crescent Moons for three years I can't really compare them. Crescent Moons are the ultimate snowshoe. I have tried Atlas and Tubbs as well but.

I liked the fact that you can extend the MSR Denali's, but it doesn't really make much of a difference. I was not impressed at all in any condition. They seemed to sink a little too much and were very harsh on my ankles. Giving no flex in off camber walking. Didn't grab well in climbing as well.

I am very unsatisfied with the Denali Evos. I can't wait to get another set of Crescent Moons again. They can't be beat.

Price Paid: $165

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The Denali Evo replaced the MSR Denali.


Price MSRP: $139.95
Historic Range: $29.95-$169.95
Reviewers Paid: $105.00-$165.00

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