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MSR DuraLite Classic Cookset

rated 3.0 of 5 stars

The DuraLite Classic Cookset has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best pots and pans for 2024.

photo: MSR DuraLite Classic Cookset pot/pan

I have used this set for three seasons now. Overall I'm happy with it. I also purchased a duralite 7.25" frying pan to use with this (making it basically the Gourmet set) and it stacks nicely with the set and fits snugly inside the duralite classic kit bag.

I like the dark finish - no need to be obsessive about getting it completely clean on the trail. The coating has fared well on the pan bottoms but is getting chewed up on the rim by the potholder. I have adapted the potholder with an o-ring 'spring' and zip tie so it will stay attached to the pots unaided - I usually use it this way. This has reduced the damage to the pots from constant movement - but of course the lids only fit loosely like this.

I do very much like the dual fit lid - it fits over either pot and seals quite well - the handle gets hot though - only just bearable for me...

My frypan bottom has warped slightly from localized heating with my pocket rocket stove - but the two pots have been fine.

I do find the rims of the frypan and pots get sharp - probably from the teeth of the potholder. I need to be careful when washing them out to avoid finger cuts...

I use these pots a lot and like their flexibility and light weight overall. I am able to fit a pocket rocket, small gas canister, stabilizer base, lighter, condiments and cleaning cloth easily inside. I do always place a thin cloth between each pan and lining the inner area - it seems this is needed to avoid too much contact/rattling on the move.


Price Paid: $59

I purchased this set as an upgrade to an older, heavy cook set that I had (different brand). I was disappointed after the very first use. The teflon started peeling off. Plus the handle grips inside the pot which in turn scratches at the teflon no matter how careful you are.

I feel like I really wasted my money on this set.

I ended up buying a GSI Bugaboo cook set to replace this set and I love it.

Love it. Has great weight - size ratio, cooks a variety of foods real well and cleans fairly easy. Recommended.

Price Paid: $18

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