MSR DuraLite Gourmet Cookset

The DuraLite Gourmet Cookset has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best pots and pans for 2020.

photo: MSR DuraLite Gourmet Cookset pot/pan


Price Historic Range: $44.93-$89.95


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This cookset is nicely made, and seems to be mostly well thought out, with a black coating on the outside of the two pots and frypan (doesn't show soot or dirt, and increases the efficiency of the stove), and a Teflon lining. The kit comes with one pot lid that fits either pot or the frypan, and the frypan can be used as a cover for the other pot if needed. The pots work very well. The frypan is serviceable, but (minor quibble) has vertical sides which aren't quite as convenient as a frypan with rounded sides.

On the first trip with the kit, the pot grabber scratched the Teflon on the inside of the pot I was using for boiling water (must have coffee in the morning).

I used the pots on another two other campouts without the pot grabber; I used a small ViseGrip pliers instead. I plan to file down the sharp corners on the pot grabber before I use it with the pots again, and I would suggest that any other purchaser do the same.

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