MSR Pavilion

The Pavilion has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tarps and shelters for 2020.

photo: MSR Pavilion tarp/shelter


Price Historic Range: $399.95-$499.95
Reviewers Paid: $450.00


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First off, this is a special-application type group shelter.

I go on several backpack trips every year, with a large group of 20+ people. It frequently rains. In the past, we've used anything from a large canvas Coleman to a PVC pipe and parachute shelter to have a place to hang out away from the elements.

Several years ago, I found the Pavilion, and decided to give it a try.

At 19 lbs, with 12 stakes and two poles, and close to 350 sq ft of coverage, this turned out to be larger and lighter than anything we've had before.

25 or 30 people can hang out in this during a rainstorm, or when seeking shelter from the sun. Sleeps 12+ and all their gear.

Sides roll up, giving many different configurations. See for pictures.

I typically go light for my personal gear, and bring this along. My pack comes in at 45-50 lbs with this.

Excellent shelter for its purpose. Very light, more space and less expensive than the huge group "domes" available elsewhere.

Quality is top-notch. Stitching is excellent, and many tie-out loops for a variety of configurations.

Durability is great. Nothing on the tarp has failed, in 5 years of 15 (hard) days of use per year. It's had a few holes poked in the sides, but these have been easily patched, does not affect it's usefulness.

If you go out with a large group, and need a group shelter, you won't find anything better.

Design: three-season group shelter.
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: fairly easy.
Weight: 19 pounds
Price Paid: $450

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