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Beverage Can Alcohol Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A lightweight, easy-to-make, reliable, compact stove. Does it get better than that? It is easy to use, easy to light, and will boil water. The shape of the bottom of a beverage can gives the stove great stiffness and structure making it durable. If I am going out in the backcountry, this type of stove has everything that I want. Fuel is cheap and lightweight. The stove is very easy to make. It is safe and smoke free. It brings water to a boil quickly.  Without burner adjustment, a pot stand/windshield… Full review

Tuna Can Alcohol Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars Bought a can of tuna salad and crackers. After I finished eating I got to looking at the tin can and thought it would work good as a lightweight alcohol stove. Got home and drilled holes every sixteenth of an inch around the can and it works like a champ. A small 3 oz bottle of alcohol and the stove only weighs 3.5 oz.  Will boil 8 oz cup of water in about 4 minutes.  Need a wind screen for best results. Great for keeping in your day pack just in case and fits in my GSA stainless steel cup. … Full review

Beverage Can Alcohol Stove

rated 5 of 5 stars Hi All: I was told about the zen stove idea about a year ago and decided to try making one. I've made 5-7 of both types, but have not used the cat food can on a trip yet. That is because I'm so happy with the pepsi can variety. The only real change that I've made is a pot support out of light guage 3"X3" or so fence mesh mounted on 4-1/2" square piece of the thinnest 3 ply plywood that I could find. Wires at bottom are put thru holes in plywood and bent over, inner part of mesh is carefully bent… Full review

Beverage Can Alcohol Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I make my own pepsi can stove using the templates. I have been asking myself why I didn't use these stove before? They are so cheap, the first one probably cost $5, the next 5 stoves absolutely nothing (if you enjoy the handwork involved, cans are recycled). I can purchase the food I need at any Walmart. Most of my cooking involves boiling one or two cups of water. These stoves are great for this task. I use an open jet sideburner design with no pot stand. The cookset is a GSI Soloist… Full review

Beverage Can Alcohol Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars I am shocked that there is no review on the site for DIY beverage can stoves. So, I thought I would put this in here both as a testimonial and to encourage discussion. I've made a handful of beverage can stoves and I've never run into the tiniest issue with them. They weigh nothing, are durable, almost free, and fuel (denatured alcohol, or whatever firewater-everclear-moonshine is local) is relatively clean and easy to acquire anywhere in the world. Use tent stakes and a piece of foil for a wind… Full review

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