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Colombian Coffee

rated 4 of 5 stars Camp coffee is required for my mornings. I usually do a pour over when car camping or instant coffee when backpacking. Nature's Kettle is an alternative that produced a good cup of coffee with a straightforward brewing process I received the Nature's Kettle coffee from another site in return for an honest review. The brewing process was straightforward. Put the coffee pack in the top, add hot water and let steep. I needed to pour the coffee through a second time to get the strength I wanted. The… Full review

Colombian Coffee

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Great coffee, clunky process. As a member of another website, I am sometimes given products to test in exchange for a review. This time it’s something that I always start my day with, wherever I am. Nature’s Coffee Kettle is a lightweight and reusable coffee brewing system suitable for a variety of situations. What I like about this product: The coffee is tasty and NCK offers a variety of blends. I prefer the Columbian and French Roast—the darker blends have a richer flavor. The kettle takes… Full review

Hazelnut Coffee

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Camp coffee is a staple of almost every backpacker. We try and find the most compact but useful gear to bring that perfect cup of Joe on the trail with us. Nature's Coffee Kettle has taken all the guesswork and expense out of getting that perfectly filtered cup of coffee, or four, on the trail and they've also taken out the weight of fancy coffee equipment. Our first morning waking up on the trail was made all the better by our camp coffee. Received for free as compensation for reviewing we tried… Full review

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