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New Balance 806

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

The 806 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best trail running shoes for 2024.

photo: New Balance 806 trail running shoe

I can't tell you how many thousands of miles I have on these shoes. I've been running in them for at least 15 years and they're still holding up strong.


  • Reliable
  • Durable

I bought these shoes from Dunham Sports in Wonderland Mall, Livonia, Mi. I don't recall the exact year, but the mall officially closed in 2003 and I know there were still a bunch of stores up and running when I got them so I'll guess 1999 to 2001 maybe.

I've run countless miles in these shoes every year since then, and while I don't run full marathons, I've run plenty of halves; mostly in dry conditions, but certainly plenty of times through rain and snow. I think I've replaced the laces twice and the insoles once or twice.

The fabric uppers are stretched a bit and a little tattered. The soles are clearly worn, but not worn into the foam sole padding so they're still perfectly usable.

At this point, they're practically part of my body. Maybe I'm too sentimental. Maybe I'm just ridiculously cheap, but I can't imagine running in another pair of shoes. It's a shame they're not made anymore.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: No idea.

I own three pairs of this shoe. I haven't been able to run a lot, in part because asphalt and concrete don't agree with my lower legs. I run on trails as a result--some pretty rocky and some very soft. I had tried New Balance before and then found these 806 shoes. Great shoes. I do a lot more trail running now--up to about 25 to 30 miles a week with no problems in my lower legs.

I think I've used up one pair (but not certain because the sole still looks great!). But I think the cushioning is not as good as it once was.

Found them on sale. A little heavier than traditional road running shoes. Great water protection--I can run in small puddles after rain without a big problem.

They are discontinued now but I see that they are still available in smaller sizes now. I just hope that I can find a comparable pair before the third pair runs out. Maybe the new NB 807 or 705 or 603. The 603 look a lot like the 806.

Materials: Nylon upper (breathable)
Use: Trail running (good walking shoes)
Break-in Period: None
Weight: ~430 grams (heavy for a running shoe)
Price Paid: $50 to $65 (on sale)

Had these 806 for what seems like 20 years and they are still like new.


  • Strong, nothing has broken


  • Could be more comfortable but I think the soles are stiff for a reason

Fit well, strong, feet feel protected,  can't beleive they are still going after what must be at least 15 years ... I can't recall when I bought them but it was so long ago seems I've had them forever. Quick wipe over and they look like new.

Source: bought it new

My brother used these shoes for track and it finally was passed down to me and I usually go threw shoes. Made 1 pair 1/2 a year but these lasted through my brother and surprisingly 3 years w/ me and still going. I've put new laces on over the years but they are still the best shoes I've ever owned.

Price Paid: $00.00 hand me down

A good shoe. I run both trail and road, and on the trail I much prefer the grip of the sole, and the cushion, as well as support. I have run in a pouring rain with no problem other than water running into the shoe, getting heavy.

Run about 30 a week right now and enjoy the shoe.

Price Paid: $45

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