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Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany Surf

photo: Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany Surf touring kayak


Price Reviewers Paid: $3,000.00
Length 492 cm
Width 55 cm
Depth 34 cm
Overall volume 314 L
Front hatch volume 64 L
Cockpit volume 165 L
Day hatch volume 42 L
Rear hatch volume 43 L
MSRP £2,350
Best For A day/weekend kayak for the large paddler,


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Great handling, 16 ft. sea kayak for surfing and couple of day trips.


  • Handling
  • Strong fiberglass layup
  • Stable
  • Roomy for tall people


The volume of this kayak fits larger people best. I am 6'4" and 210 lbs. It is extremely hard to be comfortable in a pure sea kayak for a large, tall person. Think about those eskimo skin on frame kayaks. There is no way a person of my size would fit. 

This kayak is pretty high up there in the performance range, still be a good fit for me and not compromise on performance. Hardest part is finding a kayak that my feet fit into (keep in mind the feet are very close to the bulkhead where is starts to get kind of narrow).

Great handling kayak with confident stability and fantastic edging. It is very easy to roll. It is not slow but not as fast a 17- or 18-ft kayak. The boat surfs well, is easy to turn and catch a wave. Construction is very good with tight hatches. It has a skeg but water cocking is very slight that you don't need it. 

I have had the boat out in flat water, confused heavy chop, and 3-5 ft surf. The boat is very versatile. My previous kayak was a 17 ft. NDK Explorer and I like this one a little better because of the handling and stability.  Very few fiberglass kayaks are built to the strength and durability of an NDK. This one weighs about 56 lbs. I have had the kayak for 5 years.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $3000


Thanks for the review, smokykoko. I'd love to see some pictures of your NDK if you 're willing to share some in your review.

6 years ago

Thanks, smokykoko! Thanks also for bringing this kayak brand to our attention and being the first to review one of their products.

6 years ago

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