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Nikon AW100

photo: Nikon AW100 camera


Price Reviewers Paid: $209.00


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Rock hard, waterproof camera that is packable and loaded with features.


  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Freezeproof
  • GPS tagging! w/ compass
  • 1080p vid
  • Shaker menu
  • Loaded feature menu


  • Picture quality
  • Battery life

Hello fellow trail enthusiast,

If you are like me, you love to get the pics from the highest points, the best dynamic grab, to the wettest river. I love being able to post and show off all the adventure pics of me and my family. I was used to carrying around a large, delicate Nikon SLR, with multi lenses for those "gotta get" pics. I decided to trade up, or over for this case. I decided I needed something light, waterproof, and still could get the pic. I have worked as a photographer and fell in love with Nikon years ago. This camera is no different than the quality products I have used in the past.


This camera is loaded with features! 16 MP camera with CMOS sensor, 5X zoom, 1080p vid w/ sound, and on to the more advanced....waterproof 33ft, drop proof 5ft, and can operate down to 14 deg F. It even has a GPS feature with a compass! It weighs in at 6.3oz/178g, ISO 125-3200, f 3.9-4.8, Vibration Reduction, internal and expanded SD card memory, and so many on screen shooting modes I can't list them all!

I love the ability to throw this camera in my pack and not have to worry about it getting broke or zipping it in a sandwich bag to keep moisture from shorting it out. The company stated 33ft waterproof, I have had it down to 8ft in my pool with no problems, but I wouldn't want to take it too deep. Being waterproof is a must for kayaking on the river.

This thing can take a licking and keep on ticking. Yes, I have dropped it (many times) and it has not failed yet. I can walk in the rain or jump in a river without any concern. I can even get the under water shot without a bulky case over it. On top of all that you can change settings with ease and can even adjust pics right on the camera. The camera has a shaker mode letting you adjust simple features with a shake of the camera (manly used when wearing bulky gloves skiing).

With all good there is bad. The picture quality lacks in my opinion, but I am used to my Nikon D90. Its quality is comparable to other point and shoot models. The GPS feature is very complicated and menu takes some getting use to. It also drains the battery like my ol' truck drank gas! This is the worst thing about the camera....imagine in the backcountry and looking to get that "gotta get" pic and the camera dies!

I can get 2-3 days (100+ pics) of camera usage under normal conditions of point shoot and turning the camera off and on. If you use the GPS/compass feature, look for only a day's usage at best. To my knowledge there is no way to turn of the GPS feature which drains the battery.

This camera is loaded with awesome features and bulletproof from the ground or river up! I traded some picture quality for light weight and water/shock proof. This is a trade I am willing to take.

The only thing I don't like is the battery life, but its always a option to get a solar charger or extra battery for extended trips. All in all you can't beat the AW100 for a camping/outdoor adventure camera.



Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $209


Thanks for the nice review!

8 years ago
Bill S

I believe that the AW100, like most (or all?) of Nikon's current P&S (and most other manufacturers these days) lacks an optical viewfinder. The LCD screens for these cameras are the only way to frame the image, but are difficult or impossible to see in bright daylight, and especially snow scenes. I do have a Nikon P6000 which also has a GPSR built in (and yes it too burns battery power like there is no tomorrow) - much older, fewer pixels, long discontinued, but it does have an optical viewfinder. I have resorted to using a Hoodman loupe with the another P&S I have - inconvenient, but at least I can see in daylight and on snow. That's why I mostly lug my Nikon DSLR along. How can we get Nikon (and Canon and the rest) to include optical viewfinders again? (yes, I know about "mirrorless" P&S, like Nikon's Nikon 1 V1 and P1 cameras).

8 years ago

Nikon Coolpix AW110. Tough proof, great image quality and video. Small. When I'm out for a hike or xc ski even in the bitter cold, this sweetie just runs.


  • Light
  • Great image and video quality
  • Never have to worry about waterproof integrity failing
  • With a Stickpic, great for VBlogging
  • Replacement battery reasonably priced
  • Nice automatic no fuss exposure zones choices menu


  • Video button a bit clumsy
  • No RAW
  • No video view or control from Nikon APP on my smartphone
  • No flip screen


Bought to vblog my goal of doing the End to End backpack trip on Vermont's Long Tail. Though not yet done, my 110AW is terrific on winter hikes, snowshoeing, and xcountry skiing outings. Super handy and fits in my shirt pocket, or slip it inside my hardshell to keep the battery warm.

I'm a guy with thick fingers so accessing the function buttons can be awkward when fingers are cold. The LCD screen blanks out in bright sun. Shows up pretty quick with the smartphone app though.

I see that many other hikers including long distance folk make good use of a flip screen, and wish this had one.


I'm a senior and have been shooting film since forever. I worked in copy photography and wet lab, for pre-press presentation/publication and so I'm always comfortable with a camera. It's nice not to have to lug around a DSLR when I'm out and about. My 110AW makes my outings much more enjoyable when I can plug the card into my Mac Mini and go through and edit my high res video the camera yields.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 280$ CDN


Thanks for the review, Gary. I'd love to see some pictures you took with this camera in your review!

1 year ago

Those are beautiful images, Gary!

1 year ago
Gary Bowen

Thank you, Alicia Macleay, Appreciate!

1 year ago

Have this camera in black, love that it can be used in cold and wet weather.


  • Can be used in cold
  • Can be used in wet
  • Long battery life
  • Compact
  • Light weight


  • Tough to use with gloves
  • No lense cover
  • Lighting settings

Tough exterior shell, I have this camera in black, love that it can be used in cold and wet weather. Lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket while skiing hiking or hunting etc.... have to adjust the lighting settings when indoors vrs. outdoors so colors are true. No lens cover when camera is off so it can get dust built up and effect photos.

Best camera I have owned so far, great quality pictures and very fast shutter speed/ next pic recovery speed.

Source: bought it new

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