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Nomad Nutrition Kathmandu Curry

photo: Nomad Nutrition Kathmandu Curry vegetarian entrée


Price MSRP: $7.00
Current Retail: $10.99


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A tasty curry dish that surprised me with its freshness; this one doesn’t taste rehydrated. I’ve never knowingly had a Nepalese-style curry, but if this is representative, I’m a fan. I just wish there was more in the package. As I’ll mention in all the Nomad reviews: I consider this the best brand of dehydrated, prepackaged food I’ve tried to date. It’s an expensive but high quality product.


  • Excellent flavor profile
  • Excellent texture and freshness
  • Decent protein in the 100g /3.5oz package (20 grams)
  • Primarily Non-GMO / organic (not 100%)
  • Decently low in sodium: (360 mg in the 100-gram 3.5oz package)


  • Expensive: the 100-gram package is $12, the 50-gram is $7
  • Not as filling, wanted more—decreases value quotient



When I was messaging back and forth with Alicia (Trailspace Co-Founder and Editor) about testing some food items, I mentioned that I would only be interested in vegetarian options (I’m not actually vegetarian or vegan, I just rarely eat meat). For those excluding meat altogether, the pre-packaged choices are understandably limited in the backpacking/dehydrated food genre. I was quite intrigued when Alicia came back with this brand as I had never heard of them before.

As I read about the company and product my interest was piqued further; you can check out their story here but I’ll relate that all products are plant-based, possibly non-GMO /organic (they don’t claim to be fully non-GMO/ organic but state that they “do their best” to use those type of ingredients), produced in small batches and nutritionally optimized for athletes.

I also like it when companies are aware of sustainability and commit to using local farms.

Ingredients: Rice Noodles, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Coconut Milk*, Onions, Red Peppers*, Spinach*, Carrots, Mushrooms*, Sundried Tomatoes*, Olive Oil*, Garlic*, Spices*, Sea Salt*.  *Certified Organic Ingredient.

Nutrition: (for the 100-gram package) Calories 630, Carbs 102g, Sugars (14 g), Protein 20g

*Dry mix 
DSCN4664.jpg*repackaged into plastic bag for large food load on a big trip

Preparation and Packaging

This is a just-add-boiling water meal so it can be prepared in the bag or in a pot. It requires only 1 cup of boiling water and 7-10 minutes to reconstitute. The packaging is paper with thin aluminized panels and works well as a disposable cooking cozy.

The first time I prepared this I was out of my head tired after a brutally long day of off-trail scrambling and had forgotten this only needed one cup of water. I added two cups and turned it into a soup. It was still good and quite tasty, but it’s better with the recommended amount of water.

DSCN4800.jpg*Added too much water and made soup 

*And enjoyed this camp and view while consuming it, :)


I’ve eaten lots of Indian food over the years and most curry dishes I’ve tried are really hot. This one surprised me as it wasn’t hot at all; indeed, it was my first tame curry experience. I don’t know if this is typical of Nepalese-style curry but I found the subtle spicing really suitable to a back-woods dinner experience. As I’ve stated in other Nomad reviews; you can discern individual ingredients in this dish and I find that delightful.


This is one area where this meal let me down a bit. I did not find it to be as substantive as I wanted for my primary meal. It certainly feels like you are getting good energy and nutrition, but I needed more food after I ate this.

*using impromptu chopsticks to eat out of the bag


When you prepare it with the recommended amount of water, the texture is wonderful. The mouth-feel is like fresh food and noodles. I was really impressed with this one as it did not seem like dehydrated food.



If you like a tamer curry, this is for you. Like all the offerings I’ve tried from this brand, the naturalness and taste-able ingredients are a welcome departure from the standard dehydrated fare. This dish has an especially fantastic texture; I just wish there was more in it and that it was less expensive!


I have over 8000 miles of trekking experience in the last decade and I've tried many, many brands of pre-packaged meals out there over that time span. I was sent three packages of this flavor for review and have tried it twice so far.

Source: received for testing via the Trailspace Review Corps (Sample for testing and review provided by Nomad Nutrition)

Phil Smith

You should write the amount of water needed to rehydrate on your plastic bag as well :)

3 years ago

All your food reviews are making me hungry...

3 years ago

I'm also hungry now...

3 years ago

Haven't heard of this brand before either, but it looks like a good (albeit, pretty expensive) option. Great review!

3 years ago

Good news! Those prices were actually Canadan. The meals are USD $12 for large and USD $7 for small.

3 years ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

i am a lover of curry dishes & have a couple of questions... I know you accidently made it into a soup but did you make another one with 1 cup of water or is it an assumption that it would be fine if one added the correct amount of water. It's important as if you didn't re test this product then it is possible it wasn't too hot for you cause of its dilution. The other question is those chunky chicken looking strips in your bag is that a faux meat and if so is it made with chickpeas or is it flour.. Either way aesthetically it looked great in the photo as soup not so much in the bag

2 months ago

Hi Michael, it's fine with correct amount of water. no chicken in this, large chunks are potato's and chickpeas

2 months ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

Thx Patman and honestly i think when i Try this I may add too much water on purpose as it looked delicious :)

2 months ago

If you try it, Michael, let us know your thoughts in a review too please!

2 months ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

will do

2 months ago

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