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rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent lantern, now discontinued but can still be found at extremely low prices. I am writing this in response to a previous review where the reviewer states having problems finding mantles. If you have one of these lanterns or are considering one that you've found there is no need to worry about mantles. Coleman mantles, which can be found cheaply just about anywhere work perfectly. I have been using the Coleman mantles for over two years now without a problem. BTW I found mine in a reduced… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars I was not looking for a new stove when I bought my PCT but the EMS at a local mall was moving and they were having a sale, so the price "I" paid was great! However, after using this stove I must say that the regular retail price would still be a good value. I live in eastern PA (USA) and I hike on the AT and other local trails. I also canoe and kayak on the Lehigh and Delaware rivers. I own a number of stoves and the PCT has been on many trips with me over the last 3 yrs. GOOD POINTS- 1. The PCT… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Picked this workhorse up a couple years ago, in a pinch, at Gander Mountain. It has worked flawlessly every time I've called upon it, which is every time I head out, as it's now my only stove. I've used it w/a windscreen and a insulating plate (piece of double-wall cardboard wrapped in foil) down to 15F with minor sputtering...melts 6L worth of water from snow per standard canister in these conditions. This stove is well-built, and as such, weighs more than others. For the $20 I paid for it, though,… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars As an adult scout leader, the Northern Lights Trekker is a great stove to have in the troop and patrol gearboxes. We have 3 for our troop, and they see frequent use on monthly campouts, receive a lot of abuse, and still work great and reliably. This stove would not be my first choice for a long backpacking expedition due to the heavier weight (7 oz). If you’re cutting your toothbrush in half to save a ½ oz before that big mountain climb, this stove is not for you. However, the heavier construction… Full review

Alpha Ti

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Like the other reviewers, I think this stove is great. One of the smallest and lightest stoves you'll find. I mainly use it on backpacking trips to heat up water for hot drinks, dried foods and soups. Not as efficient in windy conditions, but most stoves are not without some type of wind block or windscreen. I don't believe this stove sells any longer, but Snow Peak now sells a stove just like it without the piezo ignition called the LiteMax. Full review

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