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Prospector 16

rated 4 of 5 stars Rigid construction and classic design make this the SUV of the wilderness. It makes friends on every trip. Taken my 16' Novacraft Prospector canoe down rivers and on week-long lake trips. Loaded it up and still had 6" freeboard. You will bulk out before you weight out—and we take cast iron dutch ovens, charcoal, fuel cans, watercubes etc; we camp heavy. Paddles well with two, although the Clippers pass us on flat water.  We pass them ashore on rough water because they are taking water in over… Full review

Prospector 16

rated 5 of 5 stars Love the wall height, rocker 2" great, all around great canoe!!!!! Handles wonderful on running rivers, great on smooth water. The Tuff Stuff material I love because of its light weight and durability. Expect to last till I'm gone. Full review

Trapper Solo

rated 4 of 5 stars If you are looking for a nice, small boat to toss in the back of your truck or sling over your shoulder for small rivers and ponds, I highly recommend it. It is a unique little boat that I think I will keep for a long time. This boat is another Nova Craft offering originally built by Chestnut in wood and canvas. It is symmetrical and has a shallow arch bottom. Fit and finish is excellent, as most Nova Craft boats I've seen. The laced seats are the most comfortable on the market and I'm unsure why… Full review

Trapper Solo

rated 4 of 5 stars This canoe is based on a Trapper canoe originally built by Chestnut Canoe Company of New Brunswick. The Chestnut model was designed for trappers who needed a small, lightweight and easily maneuverable canoe for lakes, ponds and creeks. Today, the Trapper in the Nova Craft version is a great all around solo canoe for exploring small waterways and also for anglers wanting a small stable canoe to use as a fishing platform. Background: I bought the first production model and had it shipped out with… Full review

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